10 things i learnt from the “10X Rule” by Grant Cardone

10 things I learnt from the book “The 10X Rule, by Grand Cardone”


By Miguel De La Fuente, www.turbomind.com
The 10X rule by Grant Cardone is simply extraordinary. This is a book that will help you take your thinking and actions to the next level.

I highly recommend this book if you are looking to create, do or achieve something truly extraordinary. However, this book can inspire and help just about anyone.

These are some of the most important things I learnt, and actions you can take from the book…


  1. The main reason why most people don’t achieve their goals and dreams is not because lack of ability, motivation or resources. The most important reason is that they underestimate the amount of time, energy and effort is going to take to achieve what they want. Most businesses and business owners make this fatal mistake. They underestimate what it will take to make something successful. They have great ideas and plans but they fail in this very important issue.
    Look back in your life and take a look at a goal you didn’t achieve, why didn’t you achieve it?
    Most likely is that you underestimate the amount of effort, money and resources it would take.
  2. Most people work and live way under their potential. They waste too much precious time doing nothing. They consider success as an option and not a must.
    It’s your duty and responsibility to use your full potential as a human being. Its also your duty and responsibility to be successful. If you take success as an option most likely it won’t happen.

  3. Grant Cardone created the 10X Rule as a way to solve the probem of people underachieving.
    This rule is the only difference between success and failure. The first part of the 10X rule establishes the right amount of thinking and action that GUARANTEES success. The 10X rule is about taking massive persistent action to achieve what you want. Think about how much something it will take, and multiply by 10 and you have what it will truly take to make something successful.
    The 10X rule assumes that the goal is never the problem. The problem is the thinking and action.
    Any goal attacked with the right amount of thinking and action is attainable.

    Attack everything with the ferociousness of a champion athlete who is getting his last opportunity to win and make a legacy.

    Success does not merely happen; it is the results of relentless action over time.

    You are required to LIVE TO THE POTENTIAL you HAVE BEEN BLESSED WITH. You are required to live to your full potential.

    The power of extreme goal setting.
    The 4-most common Mistakes people make when setting goals:

    1. Setting goals too low. Letting your fears run your goal diary, and not your confidence and faith. Humankind by large tends to set targets and goals too low, at subpar levels. Any goal you are going to set for yourself will probably be hard and challenging to achieve it, so, why not aim at 10 times higher so it requires a massive effort and action on your part?
    Probably you will be more disappointed by putting small goals than larger ones.

    2. Severely underestimating what will take to achieve them In terms of thinking, action, time, effort and dedication.

    3. Spending too much time competing and not enough dominating, on being competitive and not enough on truly dominate your business, your niche, your industry. Most people operate with a herd mentality; they do what others in their industry do. Do what’s best for you, not what your neighbor is doing.
    The goal is to dominate your sector, not compete doing the same others do.

    4. Underestimating the amount of adversity they will have to overcome in order to achieve their goals.

    What do people do after they don’t achieve their goals? They reduce their targets when what they should be doing is increasing their actions.

    some suggestions about setting goals:

    Take into consideration when you set your goals that you have been educated with restrictions. Be aware of this so you don’t underestimate your potential, or what you can do as a person.

    Take these into consideration also:
    1. You have been educated with restrictions.
    2. You are setting these goals for you, not anyone else.
    3. Anything is possible.
    4. You have much more potential than you realize
    5. Success is your duty and your responsibility.
    6. There is no shortage of success.
    7. Regardless of the size of your goal, it will require work.

    5. 4 levels of action
    These are the levels of action you can take when you are working on achieving a goal:

    1. Do nothing. Here, basically you have given up on your dreams and you are willing to accept whatever it comes.

    2. Retreat. Take action in reverse to avoid negative experiences you think or imagine.

    3. Take normal action. The most prevalent in our society. Here people appear as if they are taking enough action to succeed. Here people create normal lives, normal marriages, and normal careers.

    This group which takes normal action almost never creates anything exceptional. Most is average. Average by definition is “less than extraordinary”.

    They operate way under their true potential for action and for accomplishment. Taking normal action is the most dangerous of all the levels because is the most accepted by society.

Only when you move from the third to the forth degree of action is that a person can take their lives from average to exceptional.

Take massive action. Massive action is the most natural level of action there is for all of us.

  1. Run away from AVERAGE, from conformity. Do not be “realistic”. The world is filled with “average thinking”, average people and average actions. It’s filled with people resigned to live an average life, without much risk or rewards. Average thinking says: “It can’t be done, be realistic, relax from working so hard, there is no way to make it happen, it’s impossible”.
    This type of thinking prevents you from reaching your full potential.
    This thinking will hammer you along the way when you are trying to do something extraordinary.

    Stop thinking average and start thinking huge.

  2. Be omnipresent. Your biggest problem is obscurity, not talent.
    Do whatever it takes to create omnipresence, be everywhere. Create a personal or business brand that is everywhere. Brands like Coca-Cola, Apple, Ford, Disney, and Google are everywhere. People who have achieved omnipresence are people like Bill Gates, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, etc.

    Make a commitment to have your company leave a footprint on the planet, to leave a legacy, and the only way to do this is by omnipresence.

    Truly great companies and people achieve omnipresence.

  3. Do not compete. Don’t try to be competitive. Go for DOMINATION. When you compete you tend to do the same things as your other competitors. Your goal should be to dominate your market, become the best and the go to person or company, to create your own standards not copy the standards of others.

    Don’t set your goals at a competitive level. Set them that will overshadow and dominate your industry completely.

  4. Success does not merely happen; it is the results of relentless action over time. The only way to achieve exceptional levels of success is to create it.
  5. Avoid excuses and victimism.
    People who refuse to take responsibility
    usually don’t do well at taking massive action and therefore don’t do well in the game of success

    You must adopt the belief that no matter what happens in your life, you are the primary cause of what happens.

Good things usually don’t happen to victims. On the contrary, drama happens to victims.


Everything that happens to them comes as their own responsibility, not merely some outside force. Nothing happen to me, it happens because of me.

No matter where I go, there I am”.

  1. Live each day as if your life would depend on the actions you take today. Imagine someone is recording every minute of your life and it will be used as an inspiration for future generations to watch.
    Be constantly prepared for success so you can be ready to grab the opportunities when they show up, or better yet, create new opportunities. Stop thinking in terms or either, or, and start to think in terms of all and everything. Ask yourself, how can I have everything in abundance?


By Miguel De La Fuente, at www.turbomind.com, 507-62463797.












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