A legal way to steal, TotalSuccess-Daily #39

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A legal way to steal, TotalSuccess-Daily #39

by Miguel de la fuente
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I don’t recommend anyone to steal, but if you had to, there is a legal way,

The best way to steal from the rich and the true successful is too read the best books from them.

The average American read less than one book a year. The more successful people read about a book per week. How many do you read? Where do you want to be?

People who read become better and more successful. It’s the natural tendency.

The best way I to read and learn from these people.

Can you imagine how much can you learn from a 10 dollar book? Is like stealing from the rich.

Whatever you want to learn, or do, there is someone who already made successfully, and even if it’s not the same , you can copy their mindset, their beliefs and actions to took them there.

Today’s question for you is,


How many books are you committed to read this year? I personally, will read about 40 new books.

And second question is what books do you really need to read now?

Books, can have an extraordinary powerful effect in your life.

Any Dream, goal or desire you want to Achieve?

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A legal way to steal, TotalSuccess-Daily #39
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