Adversity makes you better. Turbomind Poweridea #77

Do you like adverse situations? Do you like being really challenged by life?

Most of us love safety and comfort. We don’t like so much being challenged.

However, everything in nature serves a purpose. If you can use it, Adversity makes you so much better, so much stronger, and more dedicated than not having that adversity.

Some of the world’s most extraordinary inventors and achievers went through some of the most challenging and adverse situations a person can go through and came better, and stronger than ever before.

As a matter of fact, some of them, like Thomas Edison came to thank all those extreme hard years to make him who he was and those situations were responsible of some of his most remarkable achievements and inventions.

Ask yourself,

What is great in this challenge that I am going through? What is really good in this situation? What could be good? What could I learn?


By Miguel De La Fuente, founder of Turbomind, and Turbomind Coaching Academy. Contact him at 507-62463797 or Skype ; Turbomind1, for an Transformational introductory coaching session.

Adversity makes you better
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