The BEST Year of my Life-Workbook

Miguel´s WorkBook to Make this the BEST Year of Your Life. Choose Your Most Important Goals, Objectives and Key Results for Next Year.

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In Miguel´s WorkBook You will……….

Hi, this is Miguel De La Fuente, founder of
and TotalSuccess Daily Platform and today I am giving
this wonderful workbook or, if you want to call it….
Success Journal for you to download for free.

This is the mini journal I personally use to write my most
important objectives and key results for the following


Let’s make the NEXT year the BEST year ever.
Let’s make the next year the BEST year of our Lives!!
Let´s make a committed right now to breakthrough
anything that may have been stopping us….
You are bigger and more powerful than any obstacle
you could ever face!


 This mini-journal is a great tool for you to focus and remind yourself
everyday on what you want to create and achieve in
your life……remind yourself on the most important things
you want to accomplish in the next 12-months….


Usually, when I coach people I find out really fast
that that most of them do not know what they
really want to create, do or achieve in their lives…
they might have an idea, but
most of the time they don´t have a crystal clear vision
of what it is they really want to create…….


We tend to complain about what we don’t want, but
for most people is hard to be crystal clear about
what it is that they want…..


And, in my opinion, THIS IS THE VERY FIRST STEP IN

call it objective, or goal, or vision, whatever you want
But this step is absolutely mandatory to save time,
energy and resources……



Seneca said that is not that we have a short Life to live.
It´s that we waste a lot of it. I agree and here is a
great remedy to stop wasting time and living on
reaction mode….to WRITE YOUR OBJECTIVES
and key results for the NEXT Year!!


So, how do you stop living day to day just
surviving and start living the life you know you
could be living?


How do you stop wasting your life and
do something spectacular? How do you focus on what´s
truly important when there is so many interruptions and
so much negativity at any given time?

ACHIEVE AND BECOME! You create an extraordinary
and exciting Vision and a Plan to Make it happen….


You design a road map, a blueprint for your life.
because Without priorities, Objectives and Key
results, most likely you will lose a Big portion
of your time and Your Life.…..   


Studies shown that when we don’t have something
to work for… a goal, an objective, something
it´s important for us, we tend to underperform…..




In other words, goals, objectives and deadlines
are great to improve productivity and Optimize
your time. 


In my opinion, there is little benefit in managing your
time if you don’t know your values, priorities, goals
and desires……you need to reengineer backwards
from your objectives……


By the way, You can print this mini journal, (only 20 pages).
and use it to do just that…..

This will help your mind focus massively on what´s
truly important to you. It will help you concentrate
on what you want to achieve, do and become.


REMMEBER, as Steve Jobs used to say,
the vision NEEDS and MUST be reinforced
every single day in order to become
part of you.  

Add everything you want to create, achieve, and even
the person you want to become and the contributions
you want to Make in the Next 12 months……. 


12-months will come one way or another, so why not
use your time in the best possible way
and create something spectacular…….


This is a MUST do exercise for anyone who wants to make their
life extraordinary and not just ok. We all need
something important to fight for in order
to make our lives exciting.


I believe You are not here just to survive. You are here
to do something amazing, something incredible. You are here to do something that probably no one can do it as well as you can. 

This can be the best year of your life if you are truly
committed to make it that way.

In this mini-journal there is also a place for you to
write your Life´s 20-most important goals
and dreams. 


It´s an honor to have you as part of our Relentless Optimism community. You are Amazing!


It´s when you lose hope when your dreams die.
Don´t let that happen. I believe There is always hope.
There is no situation that cannot be turn around.
There is nothing that cannot be improved. 

Thanks for letting me be your coach, you can
hire me by writing through WhatsApp at

Miguel De La Fuente
You Success Coach

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We all need someone to help us. Life can be tough.
So, let´s Make life easier to someone today. 

Thanks for sharing. When we help someone, even if something little, it creates a vacuum of possibilities in our own lives!


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