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Create Your Destiny, Brian Tracy, Book Summary

“Create Your Destiny”, How to master the 12 critical factors of success, by Brian Tracy, TurboMind Book Summary by Miguel De La FuenteYou can visit Brian Here, Brian Tracy is a master at putting together success principles and concepts that make a difference in people’s lives. He is better than anyone I have read […]

6 mins for the next 60 years of your life! by Gary Vaynerchuk, inspiring video

6 mins for the next 60 years of your life! by Gary Vaynerchuk. A must seen inspiring video. Gary wants with this video to give you the audacity to go ahead and do it. It doesn’t matter your age, if you want it so bad. Focus on your 7 pm to 2 am. You […]

10-Things I learnt from Les Brown-“You Gotta be Hungry”- Speech and training, by Miguel De La Fuente

10 Things I learnt from Les Brown-“You gotta be hungry”, one of his best speeches, This is a must seen video. This is one of my favorite speeches by one of my favorite coach/trainer in the world. He is simply awesome.I met Les in Miami several times at Unity Church where he donates his time […]

Reprogramming your brain to overcome fear: Olympia LePoint at TEDxPCC

Fascinating presentation by Olympia LePoint at TED. Fascinating woman. This is a must watch video for any Turbomind Achiever. Olympia LePoint is best known for her role as an award-winning rocket scientist, and educator driving to help people overcome fear. An internationally-recognized science leader, LePoint helped launch NASA's Endeavour, Discovery, Columbia, and Atlantis Space Shuttles. […]

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