My 100 Lifetime Dreams Mini-Journal

TURBOMIND´S Journal to Write Your Life´s 100-Most Spectacular Goals and Dreams. Write everything you want to do, achieve and create in Your Life

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In this Journal You will……….

Seneca said that is not that we have a short Life to live.
It´s that we waste a lot of it. I agree and here is a
great remedy to focus on what’s truly important for you.


So, how do you stop wasting your life and
do something spectacular? How do you focus on what´s
truly important when there is so many interruptions and
so much negativity?

You decide what you want your Life to be about.
You decide on your highest values,
your most important goals and Dreams.


In other words, You create an empowering VISION.
An amazing vision for your future. 

Here you have my  mini-journal,
one you can print (only 13 pages)100-things
you want to Achieve, do, Create in Your Lifetime. 

Add the person you want to become and the contributions
you want to Make in Your Lifetime……. 

Write Your Craziest Goals and Dreams. This is
Your Lifetime Dream Record Journal.
Write a short description of the Goal/Dream and
the date you are committed to make it happen. 

The More specific the better…….

This is a MUST do exercise for anyone who wants to make their
life extraordinary and not just ordinary.


We all need an empowering vision to make our lives exciting and extraordinary.


I believe You are not here just to survive. You are here to do something amazing, something incredible. You are here to do something that probably no one can do it as well as you can. 

Here you can also write your Life´s 20-most important dreams.
Make your life extraordinary! 

It´s an honor to have you as part of our Relentless Optimism community. It´s when we lose hope when our dreams die.
Don´t let that happen. There is always hope. There is no
circumstance that cannot be turn around. There is nothing
that cannot be improved. 

Miguel De La Fuente
You Success Coach

Please share this with anyone you want to support and inspire.
We all need someone to help us. Life can be tough.
Make life easier to someone today. 

Thanks for sharing. When we help someone, even if something little, it creates a vacuum of possibilities in our own lives!

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