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What do you understand by mental toughness? What do people mean by mental toughness?

Well, I see a 4-point definition. Or different aspects, in a way related.

  1. Mental toughness can be the ability to overcome challenges, difficult situations, endure a struggle or adverse situations. It´s your relentlessness towards adversity. NO matter what life throws at you, you endure the situation.

  2. Mental toughness can also be understood as the ability to make yourself do what you should you when you should do it, kind of in the area of self-discipline. You are mentally tougher when you do what you say you are going to do. In other words, you honor your commitments to the end. You know you shouldn’t have that icecream and you don’t have it.

  3. Mental toughness can also be understood as the ability to commit to a goal, a value, AND CONTINUE THAT COMMITMENT OVERTIME regardless of opposition by other people. Here, you endure criticism, endure negative opinions about you. No matter what people say, you continue with what you believe you should be doing.

  4. Mental toughness can also refer to the ability to endure physical challenge, and physical pain. Here is also related to physical toughness. However, people can be physically strong but mentally weak. You see great athletes that break down under stress or a very physical challenge. US Navy SEALS are known to be the toughness soldiers. They are powerful physically and unstoppable mentally. They have develop the ability to suffer through pain.

In other words, most definitions are related to being great under pressure. Either by opposing forces, as in sports, as everyday challenges or as physical pain.

When you are mentally tough you are great under pressure or pain. It doesn’t matter if it’s by adversity, by criticism, or any other thing that comes along.

Champions are at their best when they are pressured. That’s one of the key abilities of a great champion. They are under massive stress and they use that opportunity to become bigger and better.

Mentally tough people are usually also confident about themselves and their ability to overcome challenges and pain.

Everyone needs to develop their mental toughness, to function at his best under stress, to be able to endure pain, to keep his or her commitments while embracing the struggle.

This is not only for professional athletes, but also for working moms, executives, entrepreneurs and just about anybody who is trying to make his life better.


Here are some ways to develop mental toughness:

1. Deep breathing, box breathing, slow breathing, continuous breathing.
  I call deep breathing the great equalizer.
You are stressed out, start deep breathing and you will reduce your stress levels. You are tired, start deep breathing and it will activate you. You feel down, start deep breathing and will start feeling better.
In my opinion, there is no greater tool in your arsenal to develop mental toughness and feel better than deep breathing.
I go in full detail in my book “The Optimism Diet”, you can download it at www.turbomind.com for free.

2. Challenge your comfort zone constantly, regularly, daily. Make yourself uncomfortable for the purpose of becoming stronger.
Challenge The place you feel comfortable.
Make a list of the things, both mentally, as well as physically that will challenge you a little bit. This can be from brushing your teeth with the unfamiliar hand, to talking to a stranger in a café.
This specially includes doing what you are afraid of doing, like public speaking. Anything that is a little challenging is great. It breaks your comfort zone, helps you become mentally tougher. Work on your weakness and you will become stronger.
Start Doing thing differently helps you think differently.
Start with small challenges and go bigger as you become mentally tougher and able to handle more pressure.

3. CREATE A TRIGGER: Go deep inside yourself and identify the single most important thing in the world for you.
 Create a mental image. This will ignite essential qualities needed for survival.
This trigger is the thing that makes you want to live, no matter what comes your way.
Identify now the single most thing in the world for you. Can be your family, your kids, your desire to succeed. Whatever it is, create a mental image of this thing. And remind yourself of this image constantly, especially when things get tough.
This Can also be inspirational like a phrase: Like I love pain, I am an animal, warrior, I will live and endure anything.
Or a phrase like: There is nothing that will rob me the life I want to life.  Changing your internal dialog is a great way to change how you feel and your ability to endure struggles and pain.

4. Physical toughness: Physical toughness goes also with mental toughness.
Doing daily exercise is one of the best strategies to become mentally tougher. Daily exercise and movement is critical in this world of constant challenges, interruptions and stress.
Fast walking is an awesome exercise to do daily, with little friction and great emotionally as well as physically.
Even 5-minute physical micro-activity can dramatically help you.

Let’s play this game, Let’s say every time you go to the bathroom you do 25 push-ups. How many times do you think you go to the bathroom in one day? 7, maybe 10? And how long does it take for you to do 25 pushups, or a similar exercise for that matter?

it takes me about 40 second to do them.

These short exercises during the day will only take a couple of minutes to do, but I guarantee you they will make massive change in your body and how I feel.
Yesterday I did just that. Result: I did 10 series and 250 pushups in total. You know, those are a lot of pushups, but it didn’t feel difficult. You can do this with other exercise like sit-ups or a mix of several.
I probably did about 45 minutes of exercise without notice. Micro actions can create super transformations when they add up.

You can follow this ritual for anything like when you come home you do 5 minute stretching exercises with deep breathing.  5 minute is nothing but will transform how you feel.

Train yourself to feel great not only at specific times but during the day.
By the way, you can do something similar during the day, with your schedule. Do like most presidents do, which is work and focus on 15-minute intervals.

5.Negatiity detox: Nothing is as destructive to you mental toughness as the destructive power of negativity. Every day negativity from places like the news and social media will kill every dream you may have. Solution: get on a negativity detox; reduce as much as possible negative news.
Fill up your Optimism Tank every single day by reading empowering things, by listening to empowering and educational audio, by studying and becoming better and more valuable.

The opposite to daily negativity is commitment to daily improvement.
Your brain is designed to learn and improve. Use it well.
Download my book “The Optimism Diet” and learn on the best books for mental toughness and mental power.  

6. REFRAME MEANING: Learn to reframe experiences, especially not so good ones. True champions are exceptionally good at giving empowering meaning to apparently negative situations.  

7. Create a mental Toughness Power team. Nothing is as powerful as creating an empowering community, one in which you can support each other. You can start with one person and add more members as you go along.

The most important of all, is Take responsibility for your life and for your actions. Its very hard to improve something when you are blaming someone.  Blame no one. Don’t allow yourself the whining and blaming. If you want to be your best, they are unethical. Take full responsibility that occurs in your life, the beautiful and the ugly. Nothing truly changes until you take full responsibility.

Your attitude is everything.
and it’s for today…..


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Be Relentless. Be unstoppable.

By, Miguel de La Fuente

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