HI, this is your coach Miguel de la Fuente, founder of,  totalsuccess daily as well as “Mejor Cada Dia” platform and today in the Keep Your Dream Alive 10-minute power capsule” what to do when you are feeling down.

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Do you feel down sometimes for no reason? You feel as if you giving your best but you seem like progress is not happening or at least it’s not happening fast enough? OR YOU ARE FRUSTRATED BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOU CAN MAKE YOUR LIFE MUCH BETTER? Or simply you are living way under your potential?

You may be feeling like there is a wall you cannot go through. As if the challenge is to big. You are losing hope. Well there is always hope. There is always hope. I deeply believe there is no mountain in this universe that cannot be conquered.

We supposed to be living an easier life with more comfort than any other time in human history and while this is true, we are also living in the age of confusion, of being overwhelm, of too many things to do, and too little time. We are living in a time of massive obesity, financial stress and loneliness. We are living in the age of accelerated change and massive uncertainty.

Most of us feel overwhelm. It’s true. But it’s also true that even though you don’t control external events, you have plenty control on how you feel.

Yes life can be hard. Yes, life can be challenging. Yes, life can even be unfair sometimes. But it’s also true you are alive, you are breathing and you have many blessings most people don’t. They key is acknowledging those blessings every day.

 It’s also true you are the one who decides how to use your time, what to do or not to do.

So in times of massive uncertainty there is one obvious solution: massive dedication, massive commitment, massive relentlessness. Massive courage and boldness.

I believe life will not give you a hopeless situation no matter how it looks on the outside.

As one of my favorite authors, Desmun Tutu, who fought with Nelson Mandela in the apparently hopeless fight for freedom of South Africa used to say “There is no person without hope, There is NO situation that cannot be turn around” with massive effort, commitment and a deep desire to help and serve someone. There is always hope.

Let me say that again, there is always hope regardless the situation.

Right now you can take micro actions that change how you feel instantly.

Try this:
See if you can do this exercise,
I call this the “unstoppable-u’

1. Drink a full glass of cold water,
2. Improve your posture, with your back straight, feet on the floor and
3. Take 10 slow, full deep breaths, inhaling fully also exhaling fully, taking all the air out, pressing your rib cage a little bit, starting the inhalation from your belly…. Great
4. While you are doing this, smile, put a nice smile on your face… Great
5. Now while you are doing this you tell yourself: I love life, I love my life, I love every moment of it… Great job…(so you are breathing deep, you are also smiling and at the same time you are telling yourself that you love life and every minute of it). Sounds easy right? Try it out see what happens.
6. At the end of the exercise you tell yourself: awesome job, great job, you are awesome, extraordinary. You are special.

Yes, i know, too many things, probably you feel more overwhelm..

But the purpose of this little exercise is showing you can take control of your focus. You can make micro adjustments and micro efforts, and dramatically feel better.

Here is the thing, I want to tell you that by improving your body posture, your breathing patterns, your face expression and what you are telling yourself, you can dramatically improve how you feel and therefore improve your situation now.

If when you don’t feel good, you don’t do anything about it, you are training to do the same the next time this happens, which is nothing. NO

The key is to Interrupt the pattern. Take action. Get emotionally stronger. You are preparing yourself for the next time to overcome this faster and better.

The first law of the mind, or of human behavior is the more you do something the easier it get.

You are special. You have a place in this world and this place is for you to gran it. Do something about it, take action, do it now.

Now the question for tomorrow 10minute capsule is what do you want, what do you really want, what exactly do you want?
And remember, even if you fail 1000 times, there is always hope. There is no person without hope and no mountain that cannot be conquered.

Don’t miss out the Keep Your Dream Alive 90-Day Coaching program contact me at +507-62463797 with the code “UNSTOPPABLE-U”, and let´s make your life exponential.

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By, Miguel de La Fuente

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