New Year Resolutions, do they really work?

HI, this is Miguel de la Fuente, AND REMEMBER, YOU ARE AWESOME, TELL YOURSELF, I am awesome, Your own praising is the single most important praising you can receive….

I am the founder of, totalsuccess daily as well as “Mejor Cada Dia”, and today in the 10-minute power capsule” I take a look at the power of new year resolutions.

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The question is how effective are they? When someone makes a new year resolution how effective are they in achieving results, or lasting change?

It’s a great question. How effective are they in creating change in our lives?

Statistics say they are not very much. About 85% of new year’s resolutions people give them up only after the second week of February, so, most of new year resolutions don’t last even 2 months.

What does this mean? They are not very effective.

So, the next question is why people make them and how can we make them better?

Well, people make them because in a way they want a fresh start. They want to start fresh, like a new beginning.

So, why we choose January 1 to do that? That’s another great question.

Because you can have a fresh start beginning today. Today, right now, in this very moment you can have a new start.

We don’t really need a specific date, or the beginning of the new year to make a resolution.

So why people make them? Because in a way, I believe we all need a new start. Most people live way under their potential and look for any opportunity to make this new start into a better and more extraordinary life and version of themselves.

As Ophra used to say, even if we all want difference things, we are all seeking to become the most authentic and best version of ourselves.

And the beginning of the year is a great time to do this. But the great news is you can make a resolution, or better yet, a true commitment right now.

So, the next question is, how can we make resolutions that really last?

The word resolution comes from the word “to resolve” to do something. It’s like eliminating any other possibility except what you have decided to do.

Let’s better use the word, commitment.

What commitment are you willing to do right now that you will follow through and continue to the end?

The key is to finish completely what we have decided to do, to do in completely and in an exceptional fashion.

I believe, with so many distractions going on in our lives, even the strongest commitment can easily be forgotten. …there are just too many things going on….

So, how do you make your commitment last? You reinforce it daily. You read it daily, every single day, even several times per day.  

In my experience with coaching super achievers, and extraordinary people is to, # 1, write the commitment in detail, write exactly what you are committed to do, or not do.

And #2, to read this commitment daily, even 2 times a day.

My first law of the mind is, reinforcement is the key to great execution. In other words, the more you do something, the easier it is to do it again, and the better you will become.

So, the question for you is:

what commitment are you willing to make right now that you will read and follow through until its done?

Please write it down.

In my opinion, the 2-most powerful commitments you can make with yourself is, number 1, the commitment to daily improvement, to constant and never ending improvement. 2. The commitment to be at your best at any givem moment, to live in a beautiful state as much as possible. Life is not perfect, but I like it that way.

You may or not may achieve your goals but if you are making progress, if you are improving yourself, if you make the daily effort to become better, you will feel great with yourself even if you are not hitting your greatest goals.

Make the commitment to relentless daily effort and improvement and you will always win, regardless of the score.

Repeat after me:

I make the commitment to be at my best, to live in beautiful state. I am awesome.

I make the commitment to daily effort. I make the commitment to become the best I am capable of becoming. I love improving myself and making my life extraordinary.

And remember, even if you fail 1000 times, there is always hope. There is no person without hope and no mountain that cannot be conquered.

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By, Miguel de La Fuente

New Year Resolutions, do they really work?
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