What is Learn Helplessness? TotalSuccess-Diary #88

What is Learn Helplessness? TotalSuccess-Diary #88

by Miguel de la fuente
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The doctor Martin Seligman found after much research with over 20.000 people that about 80 % people feel helpless in some area of their lives.

What does it mean being helpless? It means they feel stuck in a place and don’t know how to change or improve a situation. It means they feel powerless.

And the interesting part is that they have learned to be that way. They have taught them to be helpless.

Meaning after many tries, they have come to the conclusion they can’t change something or themselves.

It’s like the person trying to lose weight and who has tried 100 of different diets to come to the conclusion that he/she will never be able to lose weight and stay there. They believe they will always be fat.

So what do they communicate to themselves: This personal state is defined by the word: “I can’t do it. I won’t be able to do it. I will always stay like this”

It’s uninspiring because I believe that there is always a solution to a problem, there is always a way to change, there is always a way to improve, always.

As the great Desmun Tutu said, there is no person without hope, their no situation that cannot be change with the human will and a deep commitment to do so.

The opposite is to truly believe that is possible to change, to achieve what you want.

Today’s question for you,

In what area of your life you might have learnt to be helpless?

How could you develop a strong conviction that even though is not easy, you will be able to transform and achieve what you want?

I believe that with a 100% commitment almost anything is possible and achievable.

There is always a way to improve something. There is always room for improvement.


By Miguel De La Fuente, High Performance  and Business Coach
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What is Learn Helplessness? TotalSuccess-Diary #88
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