What is your level of commitment? how committed are you to achieve what you set to do?,TotalSuccess IDEA #28

by Miguel de la fuente
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As Jack Canfield says,

99% commitment is a bitch, 100%% is a breeze.
I love this concept from Jack Canfield and his success secrets.

When you are 99% committed to a goal you tend to go through a lot of challenges, up and down, and multiple obstacles. You also need to convinced yourself about making the effort necessary to make your goal, desire or dream a reality.

On the other side, when you are fully committed, 100% committed, you know you must do the effort, take the action, make the phone call, etc.

You run on autopilot, commitment autopilot.

There is no negotiating, no bargaining, no convincing to do with yourself, only do it, as in the nike advertising campaign.

You know what you have to do and you do it, regardless it feels like it or not.

The difference between a success and a semi success is your commitment to action level.

When you are 100% committed there are no obstacles or things that will hold you off or down. Your commitment pushes you through difficult times, difficult challenges and difficult obstacles into the achievement you want.

Make 100% commitment to what you want and what you stand for. It will make the difference in the world. You deserve the best. Don’t hold yourself hostage of a mediocre effort.

So today’s question for you is,

What are you truly and absolutely committed to make a reality in your life?


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What is your level of commitment? how committed are you to achieve what you set to do?,TotalSuccess IDEA #28
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