About us

Hi, I am Miguel.
I am the founder of turbomind.com
and I love helping people Defy the odds
achieve “their Impossible”.

I wonder, what is impossible? Probably nothing. Something is impossible
Until someone does it. We are living someone´s else previous
impossibilities. Impossible is an opinion. You have to agree with
it to be that way.

By impossible I mean your most extraordinary goals,
Dreams and Visions. By impossible I also mean
the most extraordinary life you could possibly live.

I believe you are not here to survive, or just be
ok. “Ok” is a boring and painful proposition.

What do I mean? I believe you have something important to
do, that probably, no one else can do it as well as you can.
You are here to do something spectacular, however
you want to define spectacular.

The shocking truth it´s that is easier than ever to be
average or mediocre. It´s easier than ever
to feel sad, lonely, be overweight, be depressed, negative,
and financially broke than ever before.

When you combine the power of uncontrollable
use of smartphones with junk food, and social media,
as a recent study in a Norwegian University found out,
it´s easier than ever to be unhappy and unsuccessful.

The good news is you have full control and power to
make, create and become whatever you are committed to.
You have no control over external events but you have full
control over your effort and attitude.

I am inviting you to become part of our “Relentless Optimism Community”,
a place where there is always hope.

I believe there is no mountain that cannot be conquered, there is no person
without hope
, as Desmond Tutu would say. There is no situation that
cannot be turn around by a deep commitment and the desire to serve and help.

In order to welcome you to our community I am giving you for free
my latest book “The Optimism Diet, 10-shocking things you must
do to overcome your biggest obstacles and prosper through them.
Every Time!

There are other great books and manuals you will be able to download
for free soon. Stay tuned.

For investments opportunity as well as partnerships and coaching you can
contact me through WhatsApp at +507-62463797.

Let’s make something amazing together!

Tu amigo,


PS. I am finishing my next program called “No More Excuses; 10-Day Mental Toughness program to Help You Achieve Your Most Extraordinary Goals, Dreams and Visions”. 

turbomind mission, www.turbomind.com

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