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Hi, my name is Miguel De La Fuente.

I am the creator of TURBOMIND and Turbomind Coach.

I have created several successful companies in different fields such as real estate, wellness and coaching.

My passion is coaching and the development of human potential.

I believe our biggest challenges are the ones we place by ourselves by our own thinking.

After coaching thoussands of people i have come to the conclusion that most peoples biggest challenge is how to overcome the thought that says “I cannot do it“. Whatever this thought is referred to.

I deeply believe in human potential and the extraordinary power of a strong commitment.  I believe that if you are willing to persist in your dream, eventually, you will find a way to manifest it. And if for whatever reason you dont, yu will end up in a better place.

I was originally Born in San Sebastian, the north of Spain, the Vasc Country. I have lived many years in the US, Europe, South East Asia, and now in Panamá and Cuba.

In Cuba, we are creating a Holistic Hotel under the brand “Mejor Cada  Dia” (Bettter every day)

This will be ready by the end of 2016. This year we are begining with a small hostel under the same brand name.

I am passionate about life. I am addicted to life, living and making a difference.

Is there any dream you hav worked hard but you havent find a way to manifest it?

We can help you.

Contact Information:
Miguel De La Fuente
wassap: 62463797
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