HI, this is Miguel de la Fuente, founder of, totalsuccess daily as well as “Mejor Cada Dia” and today in the 10-minute Relentless Optimism capsule” we talk about the power of total commitment and the power of beliefs.

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And remember, You are awesome.

TRUE OPTIMISM IS not only about thinking positive or doing vision boards, it’s about taking action, relentless action and about expecting the best. For me, true personal power is about taking action, creating results and enjoying the process along the way.

It´s easy to be optimistic when everything is going great. But true optimism is measured when everything is against you, when you are stressed out, when things get challenging, when you don’t find a way out of your problems, when no matter what you do, you don’t find a way to a breakthrough.

When you are going through a personal or professional crisis is when it´s the hardest time to be optimistic and expect the best.

Your doubts start crawling inside of you like an enemy army. Fear and doubt takes over. The challenge you are going through is not the real challenge. The real challenge becomes your personal, mental and emotional state. You become part of the problem.

You can give yourself positive affirmations and visualizations, and that will make a difference but if you only think about it, and take no action, most likely you won´t create the transformation you want.

Beliefs have a huge power in your life since our lives are lived inside out, meaning whatever your recurring thoughts, beliefs and values are, your external reality will most likely reflect.

But You true beliefs are always measured by your actions. It´s not what you say but what you do. An the actions you take when things are against you are what show your deepest beliefs about life.

I believe there is always a way when you are truly committed to find the way. When you are willing to give everything to make it happen, when your intention is to serve others, and when you keep on pounding and pounding, you will find the way.

As a Annibal said once, “We will find the way or we will create one, but we will pass through.

As one of my favorite authors, Desmon Tutu says, who fought with Nelson Mandela against the apartheid said,  “There is no person without hope. There is no situation that cannot be turn around by a deep commitment and the desire to serve others”.

There is always a way when you are willing to eliminate plan B and go full out.

In military terms, they call it “Violence of Action”. The term It’s used mostly by US Navy SEAL teams.

It refers to applying complete and unrestricted use of speed, strength, surprise, and aggression to achieve total dominance against an enemy or an adversarial situation. In other words, you put all your energy, physically, emotionally, mentally to achieve an outcome, to win.

This concept can be applied with your most challenging goals or things you want to achieve. In other words, give your all. Full effort. Do not restrict effort or resources to achieve your most important goal or mission. Go massive. Go total.

We usually don’t do that and therefore we produce average results. Go full intensity for a moth and you will see the difference.

I believe, if you stay long enough in the game and embrace the struggle that comes up with any great achievement, goal or dream, you will end up victorious.

You will have your breakthrough. And many times, just one breakthrough it’s all you need to create massive change and unstoppable momentum.

With the right level of thinking and the right level of action, there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome, as Grant Cardone says in his awesome book “The 10X Rule”.

Multiply your effort and dedication by 10 and you will get the results you are looking for.  The key is concentrated effort and not just average action.

It’s all about total dedication, total commitment to action, total focus.  It’s the way to become unstoppable. It’s not easy but it’s possible.

There is no mountain that cannot be conquered. There is no limit that cannot be broken.  It doesn’t matter how hard it may seem, or how many times you try. there is ALWAYS a way. And there is always a better, faster and more optimize way.

And the question for you today is, where can you apply total focus, action, effort and dedication to breakthrough in your own life?  Think about it. What part of your life needs your full attention and effort now?

And that’s it for today. I let you with that answer. Write it down.

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Be Relentless. Be unstoppable.

By, Miguel de La Fuente

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