7-Easy Ways to GET OUT of Your Comfort Zone.

Our biology tries to protect us. Our brains try to keep us save and alive.

We are creatures of habit. We love to repeat things. Our brains love to simplify our lives.

When we develop a good habit is such a release. For example, I usually wake up early, at 5 and go to the gym at 5.30.

In Panama, Central America, where I live part of the time, I have one of the best gyms in the whole country in front of my house.

It’s so easy to go there. It takes me 3 minutes and 45 seconds from the time I close the door to my apartment to the time I enter the gym, and this is counting that I walk down 8 floors as a warm up exercise in the way to the gym

I have developed this habit and I feel so good about it. My whole day is really productive. And I also feel good about the fact that I got used to exercise early in the morning. I feel great about this, both, physically as well as emotionally.

So, habits are the way our brains put us on autopilot. It doesn’t need to think, evaluate, consider or analyze. It just does it. Like the Nike commercial: JUST DO IT. It saves as time and energy.

However, making habits, which makes our life’s easier could also be dangerous because we reduce or eliminate the need to take risks, to do new things.

You see, since I am so comfortable going to this particular gym in the morning, and it’s so convenient, I reduce the need to try other alternatives, like other gyms, going to the park, or a beautiful walking section by the ocean that they just build.

So we need to constantly struggle between building great habits and also expanding our comfort zones and our lives.

It seems like a little contradiction, right? Well yes and no. Yes, we can build great habits and at the same time challenge our comfort zone doing new things.

As a matter of fact, we can build the habit of doing new things, the habit of getting out of out comfort zone.


Here are 7-Ways to expand your comfort zone, to expand your experience of life, thus, making it more fun.


  1. Do new things that you usually don’t do. This can be things like a new sporting activity, or social activities.
  2. Visit new places, that usually you don’t ever visit. You can make a commitment to visit a beautiful new hotel every Sunday. Every Sunday for the next year make habit to visit a new gorgeous hotel, sit in the lobby, and go to the pool or simple drink something at the bar.
  3. Meet new people, specially in different groups than you usually hang out with. Make a conscious effort to constantly meet new people. This is a great exercise to get out of your comfort zone.
  4. Learn new things, such a foreign language or a new career. Even new words in your own language can be fun and profitable.
  5. Try different routes from the one you usually take. This can be the route to your job, or to your office, to the gym, to a restaurant.
  6. Go to different restaurants and supermarkets to the ones you usually go.
  7. Ty different looks and ways to dress. The singer Madonna is an expert at this. Every several years she completely transforms herself into something new.

Here is one extra one……in case you are not convieneced…..

  1. Go to events. This is a fun way to do several new things in one: going to new places, meet new people and learn about new things. This is one of my favorites. I could go every day to a new event.




The key is this one: Find where a way to be uncomfortable and be there. Eventually you will feel comfortable.

Important note:

The most important aspect, as I mention before, is to develop the habit of getting out of your comfort zone.

This is one of the best habits you can develop in your daily routine. This habit will make your life more interesting, fun and exciting.

Remember, you have the power to create the life you want. You have the power to design your life the way you want it. If the circumstances don’t support you or you don’t like them, just CREATE new set of circumstances that support you.

Your coach,

Miguel De La Fuente

Are there things you have dreamt about that you haven’t found a way to manifest them? Do you have an “imposible dream” that you want to make happen?

Call me. I coach Committed Individuals in Realizing their Dreams.

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7-Easy Ways to GET OUT of Your Comfort Zone.
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