7-Questions for a Happier Life

Questions are the answer, or at least a great start.

The quality of your questions determine the quality of your life. Our brain is always thinking, and thinking in the most part is asking and evaluating.

Probably right now you are asking yourself if what I just wrote makes any sense to you, did you? I catch you!! Probably you are also asking who I am.


I am a Pro coach who absolutely loves coaching people to manifest their greatest dreams.

Here is a group of 7-powerful questions to make you a little happier. When I coach clients I start with some of these questions. They instantly change how they feel and improve their mood.

Please get a piece of paper and answer them. It’s much better than doing it in yourhead.

  1. What are you most excited in your life now?

This is a great question to ask yourself. I am sure you feel excited about so many things in your life, but probably, you tend to forget about them and focus on everyday problems and things to do.
When you ask these questions you automatically improve how you feel. You mind tends to look for things that you are excited.

at are you most happy

  1. What are you most grateful about?

You have so many blessings in your life probably you would need an encyclopedia to fill it out. The challenge is that most of the time we tend to forget about them and in case focus on the problems.

  1. What are you most happy about?
    what are the things you are most happy about in your life now?
  2. What makes you happy?
    It’s interesting, most people want to be happy but Have no idea on what is that makes them happy. Isn’t that fascinating? You want to be happier but have no idea what to do about it.
  3. What are you some of your best memories in life?

Write down your best memories, the more the better.

  1. What are some of your best achievements?
    Look back and write down at least 10 of your best achievements, your wins, the things you are proud of.
  2. How did you live your life extraordinary in the last 7 days?
    This is a great question to ask yourself, to get your life into perspective.
    We live so fast, so intense that we forget to appreciate what we have done and live greatly.

And this is an additional one in case you don’t feel great yet.

  1. What miracles have you experienced in your life in the last year?
    This is an extension of the last one. What are the miracles in your life?
    Write at least 10 miracles. Como on, we all experience miracles. Being alive is one of them.

Please don’t just read the article. Answer the questions even if it’s in your mind. Make a habit of asking these questions. Write them in your diary. Expand on them. Charge your mind with mental vitamins.

A lotof people tell me “I like these questions, they are great” and when I ask them if they answered them, they say no. Amazing. Isn’t that interesting?


Your coach,

Miguel De La Fuente

Are there things you have dreamt about that you haven’t found a way to manifest them? Do you have an “imposible dream” that you want to make happen?

Call me. I coach Committed Individuals in Realizing their Dreams.

By Miguel De La Fuente. He is the founder of TURBOMIND, (www.turbomind.com) an international coaching company. Basically they do 2 things: 1-they provide High End Coaching to Highly Commmittted individuals and 2-The provide Inspirational Products and Services. You can reach Miguel 507-62463797 or at miguelatturbomind.com (substitute at by @))for an introductory transformational coaching session.


7-Questions for a Happier Life
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