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9-Qualities that hold HIGH achievers back from the NEXT level of Success

Hi, Miguel De La Fuente here. Today I have a fascinating video, and summary for you.

I was watching the video by Rich Litvin being interviewed by Vishen Lakhiani.

This is a MUST video for anyone who wants to improve, who loves coaching, wants to be a coach or wants to learn about human performance.

Rich Litvin is the author of The Prosperous Coach, a book I have personally read and made a summary of

This book is one of the best books there is on the subject of creating a successful coaching practice.

On the other hand Vishen is the founder of mindvalley, a company with many greatself development and growth products and services.

In this video Rich explains the 9 pitfalls of top performers. It is a great video with a lot of interesting points and information.

Here is the link for the video,

 Rich explains that we alll have a sentence that describes us. A sentence that describes who we are, or what we do, or what we are about.

What is your sentence? Who are you?
We all have a sentence, a sentence we use to describe who we are and what we do, what are we about. This also can be a prison sentence, one which limit us.

You can tell yourself “I am a visionary” or i am a multimilllionaire genius.  You choose your sentence, but it is important to chose an empowering one.
Rich sentence, used to be a self limiting belief. A belief that used too doubt his ability as a coach.
He used to ask himself, who are you to be doing this? He change that sentence and made it into a powerful mantra… he says..

In his own words: “ I am a powerful mother fu…….er, I work with powerful people, I make a big impact in the world, I take my clients who are doing big things and I shake up their world That is his sentence.

I like Rich explanation, “I don’t want to be in an event where every one is in admiration of me, I like to be in an event where I am asking myself, what am I doing here? Because I know I am living on my edge.

The key is to find your limiting believes. Most of the time there are limiting beliefs that we are not aware of that limit us.

What are your deepest beliefs you have that are driving everything?

9-qualities that prevent high achievers from the next level

  1. The big vision that helps you succeed also can be the same vision that could hold you back from your next level of success and achievement because you have so many options you can get lost in the bigness of that vision. Is the paradox of choice.
  2. Feel a little guilty of not working enough, for being lazy, it’s like you have a little dirty secret of your success.

I love Rich question to ground yourself: How did you live an extraordinary life in the last 7-days? This is an amazing question to do your checking for the incredible things that happen in our lives that we fail to notice or even that we notice but we forget fast. You are living an extraordinary life. What did you do last week that was amazing?

  1. Secret commitments that might be holding you back. Deep competing commitments. Conflicting commitments. Commitments to your family and also commitments to your business.
  2. Your get comfortable in the GREY ZONE: comes from sports, it’s too fast for recovery and too slow for growth. Running in the grey zone will eventually lead to a declining performance. Here is the challenge for a high performer; his grey zone produces so much more than the average performer that it tends to feel good and to stay there.

The people in the TOP producers world is in so much admiration that they can’t see you  are in your grey zone. Actually you are underperforming, you are not performing at your best, you are holding yourself back.

  1. You are a problem solver, a very talented, you are energized by them, you believe you can solve any problem but that’s the catch, subconsciously you let some things in your life become a problem when you could easily prevent them, things like taxes, or marriage…..Because you are such a high achiever the people in your world don’t see it. You could be creating the seeds for the problems that would have an easy fix now.
    Rich tells his clients in advance “Working with me is not designed to be comfortable, is design to be uncomfortable. I am the guy who is going to challenge your hard lines. The foundations in which you have built your world are going to feel a little shaky. The problem is that you got good at your level of success. The problem is that the new level of success is that you can’t see it. That’s why I ask payment in advance”
  2. You seek perfection. The higher the level and the more money you make the more pressure to maintain it. The pressure gets bigger, your own success becomes unbearable.
  3. You are future focus. You create your future from the present moments. The flip side to that is that we rarely slow down. We don’t pay attention to the little challenges that come our way. These are the “déjà vu challenges”. These are little challenges that come again and again week after week, month after month and that we don’t pay attention to them.
  4. You don’t need help, you don’t need support so often you are missing out on your own support team. You have created such an amazing success that you don’t really need help. And that can be a problem. There is a difference between needing help and wanting help and choosing help. When really successful people say “I want help, I choose help” they take their game to the next level.
  5. You MISS out on the truth. The higher you rise, the harder can be to open up with the people around you and the harder for them to speak their truth. Top performers have very few people in their world willing to say exactly what they need to hear.

What are your sentences that run your life?

Interesting about conflicting commitments:

When a client comes to Rich and tells him; I want more money, or a different business, or a soulmate, he tells them: no you don’t. If you truly want more money you would have it. At some level in you don’t want more money, at some level you have contradictory commitments or beliefs that don’t let you get that extra money you want. At some level you have “conflicting commitments

Fascinating sentences from the Video and the interview:

  1. We see in others what we can’t see in ourselves.
  2. I know I am living on my edge.
  3. There is only one person who can do this job, and it’s me, and I don’t care who is in front of me or what’s his name, and if I need to tell him that I will. Make your mark.
  4. What are your deepest beliefs you have that are driving everything?
  5. We all are wearing glasses, even though we don’t realize it, and everything we see in the world, that we experience are through this glasses. Our glasses define our world. This is our operating system, our default system.
  6. Shake up the way you see your world.
  7. In order to take it to the next level you need to shake your world, start filling again.
  8. If you have a challenge that you can do on your own you are not dreaming big enough.
  9. I love to work with brilliant people. Who are proactive, they don’t see problems they see solutions.
  10. Understand the distinction of strategy, tactics and tips.
  11. Dream big and take little steps, tinny steps. . Take your next step and your next step.
  12. Make a goal to live an extraordinary life.
  13. Where is my impact? How do I create an extraordinary impact?
  14. What do you want to create?
  15. One level of insight will change everything. Work on the level of vision not so much strategies.
  16. Research shows the best three places where you get your best ideas: in the beach, in the shower and in nature.

This is a fascinating video. If you are a coach or you are committed to go to the next level this is a must video for you to watch and study. Rich Litving is one of the highest paid coaches in the planet. I am sure you can learn something from him.

Are there things you have dreamt about that you haven’t found a way to manifest them?

Call me. I coach people in realizing their dreams.

By Miguel De La Fuente. He is the founder of TURBOMIND, ( an international coaching company. Basically they do 2 things: 1-they provide high end coaching to highly commmittted individuals and 2-The provide inspirational products and services. You can reach Miguel 507-62463797 or at (substitute at by @))for an introductory transformational coaching session.

9-Qualities that hold HIGH achievers back from the NEXT level of Success
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