Turbominds Book summary and review of the week,Become a life coach”, excellent book for anyone thinking about becoming a certified Life coach.

Hi, today I am doing the book review for “Become a Life Coach, Set yourself free to build the life and business you’ve always wanted, by Mitch Matthews and David Nadler

This is my commitment to read the best books on the planet about coaching excellence and becoming a coach. I am a coach who loves coaching and who is always looking to become better at it.

This particular book is short, you can probably read it in 3 hours or so, depending on how fast you read and how much you want to absorb.

Basically, this book in an intro into their coaching certification programs to become a life coach. Nothing wrong with this technique, you see more and more experts and professionals doing this, writing a small book that presents them to the world, kind of as an intro to their services and expertise.

I found this book, although short, very useful and interesting, even fascinating.  It is full of simple concepts and techniques that you can start applying right now.

These are some of the things I have learnt from this book. Some of them I already knew them, at least partially, but refreshed my memory.


  1. Before you become a life coach, you want to know if this is truly for you. A lot of people just take a certification or course without really understanding what coaching is about.
    Nothing wrong with that approach, but probably is better to understand what really is coaching and if you think it is for you.
  2. He offers the coach mindset, a Elite Life Coach Training and certification.
  3. Some of the questions before you decide to become a coach
    Are you willing to get paid? A lot of people are timid about getting paid, about asking for a fee, specially a high fee. Being able to charge 200 an hour is a new concept for a lot of people. Need to overcome feelings of low self esteem and self worth. The reality is that you can charge 200 a session and give and implement changes that are 100.000 value. How much is worth to help someone manifest their soulmate? It’s priceless.

    In this profession you can get paid really well for helping people you really enjoy working with achieve the life they’ve always wanted.  This business can be very lucrative.

    whom would you like o help? You want to help people become more productive, improve their relationships, become world champions, help disable people, entrepreneurs, help  people find their purpose  in life, overcome extraordinary challenges, do amazing feats?. With whom do you work best?
    How would your ideal client be? Describe your ideal client

    Are You willing to SHUT UP? Are you willing to be quiet? This is one of the most important questions you need to ask. Most coaches, especially beginners tend to talk too much.

    Are you willing to work hard? Coaching as with any other profession requires hard work and dedication. There will be many times when you will think about quitting.

    Are you willing to take The Biggest Risk? This might be the most important question of all. Are you willing to be yourself? You don’t need to appear perfect. Just be yourself. The goal is to be yourself, to create trust with your client. No one has all the answers. When you don’t know something a client might ask you, you can say something like this: “I don’t know the answer to that but let’s figure out an answer together

  4. One of the biggest hurdles In your life, one of the biggest obstacles are the self limiting beliefs specially the ones you don’t even realize. Once you identify a limiting belief, it tends to lose its power. Self limiting beliefs are like blind spots.
  5. You can have huge breakthrough in a very short time with the right coaching approach.
  6. You can bring huge value in a 60 minutes coaching session, not only on the caching session but in between sessions.
  7. Coaching helps you develop a clear picture of your mission, your passion, and your vision.  Three super important questions.
  8. The fees that you charge are a filter to their commitment level. If they are truly committed they will pay if not they will find any excuse not to do it. A high fee is the best way to eliminate unwanted clients who are not committed to making the changes that need to be made. The fee helps the coaching process too.
    How much is worth to have your soulmate in your life, or ideal partner? Some results are priceless.
  9. Some additional questions he asks,
    -what would you do with an extra 2000 a month from coaching?
    -what would it feel like making a healthy income while making a difference?
  10. Start creating events that your ideal client would be interested in attending, by invitation only that would be a waiting line to attend.
  11. Exercise;,
    Describe 2 or 3 types of people you would love to coach
    what are some of the things you would like to help them accomplish, do or  change

  12. One of the most powerful tools you have a s a coach are the questions you ask your client. Asking questions and then really listening to their answers, not only asking for asking, but be willing to listen to the answer
  13. In this fast moving world, being listened is becoming more and more rare. It’s becoming revolutionary. Thts why coaching is so valuable. Just truly listening t people makes ahuge difference for them.
  14. When you combine powerful questions with listening the effect is extraordinary. Truly listen to someone is not easy. We are used to interrupt, to give opinions. It’s a rarity.
    Effective coaching is all about asking powerful questions  and then intentionally listen to them.
  15. One of the most powerful tools you have as a coach will be the questions you ask. But that’s not enough. You have to be willing to truly listen”. Mitch Matthews
  16. On coaching you help your clients get clear on their goals and dreams, creating a plan to achieve them and then taking the action to make them a reality.
  17. When you coach someone you help them discover solutions that they OWN. You help them put together a plan of action, help them create the plan they OWN.
  18. Coaching helps people:
    -get clear on what they want to do and be
    get unstuck
    draw up a plan that they can own ad walk out.
    Start making the changes they need to make
    achieve the life they were created to live.

Additional interesting points and lessons from the book….


  1. Can you become an expert? Let’s redefined experts in this modern world we live in. An expert is not an award winning one in the world kind of thing. An expert can be considering better than 80% of the people in that particular field of expertise.
    About 80% of the people in any industry they are either getting started or just average, basically beginners or new to the field.
    It’s the 80/20 percent rule, 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.
    In order to be considered an expert you don’t need to be better than everyone in the field, all you have to do is to be better than the 80% of them you can be considered an expert.

    Most people can become an expert I a field in as few as three to six months. Most people can become experts in less than a year.

In order to be a expert at coaching, you only need to be better than that 80% who is either getting started or just plain mediocre and average.

That’s not that hard and can be accomplish in about 6 month of intense and focus study and practice.

Become better than the 80% that are getting started.

What could the next 6 months look like if you could dedicate completely to be an expert in something with total focus and dedication?
Develop a singular focus and go after everything you got.

What message would you like to share with people? What story do you feel compelled to share with the world?

  1. Are you willing to wear lots of hats? As a solepreneur you will have to do many things at the beginning. Are you willing to do them? Every entrepreneur has to wear lots of hats. What are the things in your business that you are willing to focus on for the next 3 months?
  2. Are you willing to be an entrepreneur? Do you like the variety of doing different things very day?
  3. Do you have 15 minutes to spare? Compounding interest, time and effort work the same way.
    15 minutes a day is 91 hours a year. What could you accomplish if you took two full weeks to pursue your coaching dreams?
    30 minutes a day is 182 hours per year. That is 22 full working days. 30 minutes a day is like having over a month of work time.
    60 minutes a day is 365 hours a year. Could you become an expert coach if you would have over 2 full months to get it done?

The key is your focus and how you administer and dedicate your time. The critical factor is being able to eliminate time wasters.

  1. What would you do with an extra $2000 a month?
    great question.


I like the recommendation about writing goals. Attach the goal to a specific benefit.
So instead of, “I want to sell my house by December 31”, write something like, “I want to sell my house by December 31 so I can travel to Vietnam and take a massage certification course”.

About secuencing questions

Some other interesting advice is to sequence your questions.
Ask a “What” question, then a “Why” question.
1. What do you really want?
2. Why do you want that?

About the importance of stories

Another great technique is, instead of asking someone to explain what  happened, ask them to describe what happened. It will help your client move into a more descriptive language. When you go  into   story mode you tend  to give yourself permission to EXPLORE, and learn from the situation.

About giving yourself  advice

I like the technique about asking yourself for advice.
For example, let’s say you want to become a multimillionaire, you would ask, “What advice would you give someone who wants to be a multimillionaire?”
That also, helps your client get out of his head and give more objective and interesting suggestions and answers’.

Body of Evidence

Another great technique to get unstuck.
Can you think of a similar situation as the one you are living now and you did it? What did you learn from that situation that you can apply now?
Knowing what you learnt from the situation, what would you do differently?

Think of a situation when you were facing something similar to what you are facing now.

This is one of the most powerful concepts available. This concepts is specially great for someone who deals with perfectionism issues.

Perfectionists also are misdiagnosed as procrastinators.
It’s based on the concept that if you strive for absolutes to early n the conversation, it tends to close up creativity.

For example, someone asks you, “what’s your favorite comedy of all time”, you try to look for the best comedy and tend to get stuck. 

Before shooting for absolutes, try to start getting your creative juices flowing with easier questions, like, tell me some movies you like”

Or, what might be a good next step in this situation?” Instead of asking, “What is the next best step? Or “what might be on the list of things you could do next?

What might be some of the things you would like to experience this next year?

What might be a good next steo in this situation?

What might be a solution here?

The goal is first to get the creativity going, and then prioritize the answers

A final suggestion from the authors, which I have shared before on other reviews is when you choose a coaching certification program, choose one that teaches you not only about coaching, but about the business of coaching . You need to learn the business side of coaching as much as the coaching side of it.

All around, I enjoy very much reading the book, I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking to become a coach, and even to some who are already life coaches.
I give it a 10 for that reason.

Some of my other favorite coaching books so far are
“The prosperous Coach” by Rich Litving.

Tylor Jones, Master Coach at turbomind.com.
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Become a Life Coach, by Mitch Matthews and David Nadler, TurboMind Book Summary
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