10-Things I learnt from “Get clients today”, how to get a surge of new, high paying coaching clients today and every day, by Christian Mickelsen

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Christian Mickelsen (as he states in his book), is professional coach and the founder of IMPACT, an association for personal coaches. He is on a mission to coach the world. As he says “My mission is to get the world coach”, a very noble mission.

Get Clients Today” is a book about successful coaching practices, mostly written for coaches, (and also independent professional) on how to get more clients.

Personally, I really like the book; he has great valuable information, that we, at turbomind, have started using. This is an excellent book, I highly recommend it for any coach.

It`s inspirational and educational material for anyone who wants to be a successful coach. At the end of the video we will put into practice what of his techniques. It´s called the red hot offer. Stay tuned.

By the way, Coaching is the most powerful force for change in the world. Anyone and everyone needs and will benefit from having a coach.

10-Things I Learnt from the Book:

  1. MOST COACHES STRUGGLE IN THEIR COACHING PRACTICES. The reality is that most coaches tend to struggle in their coaching practices and it´s not because they are bad coaches but because they don’t know the business or marketing part of coaching. It’s similar to the other summary we did on the prosperous coach byt Rich Litvin. How many artists do you know who are amazing artists, professionals but they struggle to sell their paintings? Most of the ones i know are in this situation. Is this because they are not so great artists?

No, it’s because they don’t know the marketing and selling part of selling art. Same thing happens with coaching. Coaches who are great at coaching but not good at selling and negotiating their services.

  1. UNLIMITED INCOME POTENTIAL You can earn a great income being a coach, helping people improve their lives. You only need to learn the skills of promoting your coaching business. There are coaches who easily earn over $300.000 a year helping clients. But you need a system to do so. It’s amazing the amount of money people are willing to pay for results. Results are priceless.
  1. PEOPLE NEED HELP: People need our help, lets coach them. People need our support, and they also need an outside perspective they couldn’t get without a coach. This is why most of the top achievers in the world have coaches. A coach can easily help a client improve performance, get results, become more productive and happier, I see it all the time with my clients.
  2. THE SECRET TO A SUCCESSFUL COACHING BUSINESS: Have a few highly committed high paying clients. You only need a few high paying clients to earn a high income. High paying clients tend to be better clients because of the investment and commitment they make. Be confident to charge higher fees as you move along with no ceiling in mind. No matter what you charge, there are people who can afford paying you what you are asking. Most people charge their coaching based on what others charge, don’t make this mistake. You will not get ahead. Charge based on your value, be bold, ask for high prices.
  3. COACHING OFFERINGS: Offer one coaching session per week, at x Price. Let’s say you offer $1997 per month of coaching or 10.000 for six months. Don’t offer several options as far as hours. This is another mistake. Do not charge per hour, charge on a minimum sixmonth commitment. The only option should be 6 months or a year payment. That’s it. Create a package specifically designed for that particular client. Make them pay the six months in advance.

Remember you as a coach don’t get paid for your time, you get paid for results, to help your clients get results, overcome problems and produce extraordinary results.

Your clients dreams are priceless. Talk your client’s language and that is the language of results

  1. Limit your availability. Show people you are in high demand. This creates a scarcity feeling. The ideal situation is to have more demand than available time.

Show yourself as a busy and successful coach who has a limited time available for new clients, with the agenda almost full or even waiting list.

Tony Robins has this wonderful problem so does Robin Sharma who charges in excess of 1 million per year to be coached by him.

Remember, Coach the people who want coaching. Coach the people who want to change


About 60 to 70% of people is the US, and probably in the world as a whole, don’t like their jobs, what an opportunity to help people find what they love and what they would do for a living. What a he opportunity to help people find what they love, find their missions in life; help them create a compelling vision for themselves, and a strong commitment to live that vision. What an exciting opportunity. Connect to your higher and bigger mission. Think bigger. When you develop a bigger mission you have people drawn to you.

  1. Three critical success factors for financial prosperity, as a coach

You have to help your clients produce results. The name of the game is results. Focus on what your clients wants, not what you want. Ultimately it’s your clients’ responsibility to get the results, you just help them.

You have to be able to generate coaching leads.

You have to be able to convert those leads into clients. Otherwise you don’t have a coaching business.

  1. The simple three step process for getting coaching clients;

Clients somehow hear about you

They have an intro coaching session with you, you give value

They hire you


One of the most important aspects is the free session you give your potential clients. By the way you can charge this session if you want it’s up to you.

Now there is a critical distinction here,

Instead of the typical coach that offers a no obligation free session, he recommends offering what is called a RED HOT OFFER, in this a limited time offer with some clear benefits.

Let’s say you are a relationship coach, you will offer something like

“Find your soul mate coaching session

During this session we will work together to create a crystal-clear vision for the kind of man you would like to attract and the kind of relationship you would like to have together

So, summary of this part

  1. Offer a red hot offer, giving a specific name to the session, 2. You send it to your email list, so you have a much greater possibility for signing free sessions 3. Don’t give the session to anyone, make sure you filter and give it to potential clients. Let’s be honest, a lot of people they don’t want to change. They say they do, but they don’t.

So, we continue with more important point from Christian’s book,

 The lowest price he recommends to charge per month is $500. If they tell you that they can´t afford a fee, you ask them how much can you afford now? If they say $250 and you are a starting coach maybe you want to take it.

 With $500 you only need 17 clients to earn $100.000 which is not so much.

 One of his students was charging $1500 a month and was doing very well.

 He recommends offering the same service with discount for onetime payment. So let’s say you charge $500 a month, which would come up to $3000 for 6 months of coaching, so he would offer a month free or $2500 for 6 months. He doesn’t recommend offering options on hours or sessions of coaching. Some coaches offer “1 hour a week for four weeks, for X amount, or you have the option of 2 hours a week for x amount”. He offers one deal, one coaching session a week, for six months.

 He tries to sign in long term committed clients. You are paying for results and results take some time.

 You can do talks and speeches in your niche area and get great clients that way.

Another important distinction is the issue about high fees. A lot of coaches have an issue about charging high fees. What is a high fee? Well, depends on the coach, but we could say anywhere from $1500 a month to $150,000 a year.

You might ask yourself, $150.000 a year from coaching? Sure, there are lots of high end coaches they charge that. Christian says on his

book that he has clients in the area of $250.000. That’s a great yearly fee.

See, your clients are paying for results, not for your time.

When you offer coaching, you are offering support, support to help your clients achieve their greatest goals, desires and dreams. You want your clients to get your coaching because you know it will change their lives. You are providing value

Here are the main steps in the free session that sells, which is Christian program for training coaches,

  1. Build rapport
  2. Find out what your potential clients really really want
  3. Show them how having what they want will impact their lives
  4. Uncover the challenges standing on their way
  5. Show them the impact these challenges will have on their lives
  6. Share what yoou do.
  7. Accept payment.

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Tylor Jones, Master Coach at turbomind.com.
Contact me Through WhatsApp or Telegram for a 45-Minute Free Coaching Session. I love helping people and Businesses become Exceptional. +507-6426-9450. keep updating this list regularly….

“Get clients today” by Christian Mickelsen
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