How to become famous in your niche in 12-Months or less.

This is my own personal challenge. To become a recognize authority in coaching and personal growth in the next 12 months starting from today August 5, 2015, basically starting from zero.

Please check with me august 5, 2016 to see how I am doing.

Ok here is my challenge. I am the founder of Turbomind, and Turbomind caching. Practically in the online coaching community no one knows me.
They know me in other areas but not in coaching.

My name is Miguel De La Fuente. I had real estate companies for a while, I love to buy and sell real estate, but I absolutely love to do coaching, as in life and business coaching. So, I have created this platform for that purpose.

Now, I believe you can become celebrity niche in12 months or less with the right strategy.

Keep reading I will tell you about my plan…..

Do you want to become famous?

We are not talking Hollywood famous here, although that could also be possible with the right strategy. Are you sure you really want to become famous? That is the right question in the first place.

Well, it can be an asset; it also can become a nightmare, kind of those mix sweet and sour experiences, as most with life.

Is it really beneficial to become famous? And what is really famous?

What about celebrity famous?

I believe, In 12 months you can become a celebrity niche easily doing these steps.


Here are some easy ways to  become  a celebrity in your niche in 12 months or less.


    Write a book in a specific niche, or area of expertise. These days you can even self publish a book, it’s easier than ever. In my opinion kindle is the best option. I love reading books on kindle. It’s easy, fun and convenient. A book is probably not going to make you a millionaire but it will position yourself in your industry and respective niche.

A book is the easiest way to be recognized as an authority in something.

    Write a massive amount of articles, over 200, ideally 500, you can do this in about 5months. You can write two articles a day. Can also be post in a blog, but good quality blogs, not just filling up space. Articles should be around 500, although some experts write articles above 2000 words.It’s up to you. If you commit to writing 2 articles a day, that’s 60 a month and about 360 articles in 6 months, about 700 articles per year.
    That would definitely position you as an expert. 700 hundred articles in a specific niche is a lot of articles. Most people don’t have the focus, patience or determination to do so.1000 articles in one subject will give you massive exposure. You still want to place them in different web sites and strategic places. Two articles a day will give you about 700 a year. Three articles a day will give you about 1000 a year.
  2. TV SHOW or Podcast
    Create a TV show.
    Create an interesting and fun Web TV Show. Do quality videos or at least videos that will be interesting for a person in your niche. Here the key also is consistency. One per week is good, two even better, three great and four extraordinary. Make a commitment to be consistent. If you make a commitment to place one per week, do so at the same time every single week.If you place a video on Monday morning, to do it every single Monday morning so people expect the video. Same with your articles.

    Consistency is the name of the game.

    Interview the best experts in your industry, ideally about 100 interviews.You make 100 interviews to the top experts in your niche and you become one of them. It is that simple. If you do 2 interviews a week, that’s 8 a month and about 120 per year.
  4. READ AND STUDY EXPERTS in your niche.
    Read books in your niche, do summaries and then interview the experts in those books that wrote those books.
    This is an extension of the last one. Its eve better. You read the best books in your area of expertise, you make summaries of the books and then you interview the experts asking questions related to their books.This is one of the best and more fun strategies to become famous in your area of expertise and also a great way to learn and become very good in your niche.
    Create a virtual summit in your area of expertise. This is relatively a new technique. Virtual summits are pretty new, at least in a massive scale.
    Do a combination
    of all the above. My recommendation is that you choose a couple of the ones you like the best. What do you like better, you like to write, record videos, read and interview people?The easiest here would be to do the ones you like the best. I would go even further and is to focus one that you really like and make that one your masterpiece, your trademark.There are bloggers and niche experts hat are really popular in youtube but have little followers in facebook. Or have millions in facbook but not even an account in youtube.

A couple of years I recorded several videos for a youtube account and it got several million views in three months but because of complains they closed the account. Have to be careful with that.


My videos were about sexual education. There was nothing inappropriate or obscene, but it got three complains and they close the account.

For me it was ridiculous and I decided I wasn’t going to record a web tv show.
But after several years I realized that is important to have a show. The safest is to have it in two places, like YouTube and facebook.

It’s up to you. Make the game play in your favor.  Do what you like best. A combination of several is probably the best option.


At the end of the day, the most important is to provide value, add value to the marketplace and I guarantee you will become not only famous but rich.


The key is to add value, to make a difference for people. To help people solve problems.


What are the biggest problems in your industry that are not addressed properly?


That is what you want to focus on. That will provide the best returns.



Your coach,

Miguel De La Fuente

Are there things you have dreamt about that you haven’t found a way to manifest them? Do you have an “imposible dream” that you want to make happen?

Call me. I coach Committed Individuals in Realizing their Dreams.

By Miguel De La Fuente. He is the founder of TURBOMIND, ( an international coaching company. Basically they do 2 things: 1-they provide High End Coaching to Highly Commmittted individuals and 2-The provide Inspirational Products and Services. You can reach Miguel 507-62463797 or at (substitute at by @))for an introductory transformational coaching session.



How to become famous in your niche in 12-Months or less
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