How to Hire the Right coach for you and negotiate the best price

Have you been trying to achieve something important and you just couldn’t find a way to make it happen?

One of the best and most powerful decisions you can make is to hire a coach. Having the right coach will take you from good to great. It will explode your life. It will help you take it to the next level of success and personal fulfillment. Having the right coach can create miracles in your life.

Ok, but how do you choose the right coach? ……..

Do you call an association, respond to an ad, do you search in google for coaches around you area?

Most people get intimidated by the process of hiring a coach and just give up altogether.

There are 1000s coaches, and as many or more niches.

How do you choose the right coach for you?

Great question. Here are some tips that can help you choose one




Important steps and questions


    Sometimes as human we feel lost. We think we want something, to realize, we what something completely different. Before deciding how to hire a coach, you want to have an idea about what is that you want in your life. Of course, a coach will help you in this process, but it will help if you have a general idea on what you want. Sometimes, we have an idea but its kind of underground in our own minds. This is where a great coach can help you. It can help you verbalize the dream.
    Know what you want from a coach. What do you want from the coach? Do you want a coach just to chat and become friends with, or you want one that challenges your self limiting beliefs and pushes you through your comfort zone to achieve the impossible? This is the most important aspect you have to know, what do you want from the coach and why do you want a coach? Do you want advice? Or you want a coach to help you in your commitment to be one of the best?

Once you decided what is that you want from a coach, you can go to the next one.

    This is an extension of the last one. Once you know what you want in a coach, then you can extended by deciding what type of coaching are you looking for. Are you looking for a one session, one month one year commitment? Results take some time. If your goal is to lose 100 pounds, you  will probably need a minimum 6-month coaching commitment.If you have a business negotiation and want support on closing a deal, probably with a month agreement will be enough.A lot of coaches offer a one session, two sessions, and 10 session’s packages. In my experience, what work best are long term commitments, minimum 6 months of coaching.True transformation takes a little time and usually a 1-year commitment is the best.

    Those coaches that offer a one or 10 sessions don’t usually have the best results, they are temporary fixes. Still those sessions might be helpful but extraordinary achievements and high levels of success come with extraordinary commitments and powerful agreements.

    What I mean, is that you can get lucky one time and beat Tiger Woods, but if you want to be the best t golfer, you will have to develop a strong commitment to become the best.

    My usual coaching offer is from 6 months up to a year contract.

    Do your research on coaches available and how they work.


  1. Decide what type of expertise you want from a coach. What area of expertise do you want the coach to specialize in?


Are you looking for your soulmate and you need help manifesting this person? Are you looking to improve your health? Do you want a career move?

Are you looking for a general “life coach” to help you simultaneously in several areas?

These are some important  areas of coaching:

-Health and wellness
-Business and executive coaching.
-spiritual coaching.
-Soulmate and love coaching.
-Financial Freedom
-Marketimmng and sales.

    Research in search engines about the type of coaches you are looking for, also in local business groups and associations.

    Do research on the coach
    . See his web site or online info on this professional. Check his facebook page, youtube videos or whatever information he has available.Do your research. If he has a newsletter, subscribe to the newsletter and understand it. Read, listen and watch anything that this coach has produced so you get a better idea about this coach.


    Ask for a FREE or reduced price introductory session. Some coaches offer free short introductory sessions. Others charge their introductory sessions. An intro session can go anywhere from $30 to $300 dollars depending on the coach, and all the way to$5000 for a mega celebrity coach.


Others don’t offer intro sessions and want to charge from the start their full suggested fee.

As a general rule of thumb, I wouldn’t go with a coach who doesn’t offer some type of discounted deal just to try their service, expertise and professionalism.

The more successful and busy the coach is, usually the less he will offer a free intro session. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

For example, Rich Litvin, author of “the prosperous coach”, that’s all he does every single day. He offers free sessions to already prescreen potential clients. Not only he offers free sessions, but free “deep coaching “ sessions.

This is a type of session that usually last around 2 hours. Now, the only way you can get to be his client is by referral or invitation. He doesn’t advertise anywhere. Only by referral and invitation. This is the world of “high end” coaching.

The introductory session is important……….

In the introductory session you can get a feel if you like to work with this coach. There are as many styles and coaches. In the introductory you get to know the person. If you are not completely satisfied ask for another introductory session.

This coach can be really successful and in high demand but you simply don’t click with this person. Find another one.

You have to feel comfortable and generally like your coach. Even though this person is not there to be your friend, but to coach you, you still want to get along and be connected to this person.

You should mutually like each other, or at least don’t dislike each other. The introductory session is the most important part of hiring a coach.


    This is also important for you to know. In the previous sample, Rich
    Litvin, a high end coach, charges all the way to $100.000 per year to be coached by him.He specializes in super committed high achievers who want to take their game to the next level. This fee is upfront, one time full payment upfront.This obviously eliminates people who are not committed because someone who is not really committed to make it happen will not invest $100.000. You he eliminates unwanted clients this way.What is your budget? How much are you willing to spend to take your life to the next level of productivity and fulfillment?

    It would be ideal for you to separate your coaching budget for at least three months in advance right from the start, so you don’t even count as having that money in the first place.



    Negotiate with your potential coach. A lot of people are afraid to negotiate and ask for a deal. They think they are being disrespectful. In my dictionary, not negotiating something is being disrespectful toward yourself and your self worth.You are doing a business transaction and any business transaction can and should be negotiated. This is why is called a business transaction.Coaching fees vary greatly. They might have a fee but believe me almost everything in business is negotiable. Having several different business and services help me realize that they are very few things in business that are not negotiable.


    Nothing happens until you make a powerful agreement with yourself and your coach. Remember, your coach is there to help you strengthen your commitments to the things that you really want, to your highest dreams and goals. You first need to make a powerful agreement with yourself. Then towards your coach and vice versa.The best thing to do is to sign a contract. This is usually a one page contract, with the fees, method of payment, the service being offered, the houses, sessions and time for that contract to remain active.


    Besides the possibility of hiring a coach, there are other options too.
    You can have a coaching buddy, and also a mastermind group.What is the difference?A coaching buddy is an extension of a coach but in a more informal way. Let’s say that you and me we get together to help and support each other in achieving our dreams. We meet once a week for this purpose. WE exchange things we want to achieve, dreams we have and projects.We create a group called the “Turbomind” group. Every Friday at 1 P.M. we meet for an hour. In this hour, we share the same time each of us. You talk for 15 minutes, I do the same for my 15 minutes, and we do this several times.We write our goals for  the next week, and write our agreements. This is a coaching buddy. It is fun, practical and offers great support.

    I highly recommend having a coaching buddy, or even several ones.


A mastermind group is basically the same but with more people, usually 4 or 5. Here they meet once a month. It can be in presence or virtual form, but the members commit to support each other in achieving their dreams.
Mastermind groups are also awesome ways to brainstorm for great ideas and breakthroughs.


Finding and getting to work with the right coach for you can create miracles in your life. As a matter of fact, this is what coaching is for me. It creates miracles. But first you have to be willing to believe that everything you want is closer than you think.

Do you have a dream to want to achieve or manifest?
I am here to help.
by, Miguel De La Fuente, founder of “Turbomind” and “Turbomind Coach”, Making the impossible Possible.  You can reach Miguel 507-62463797 or at (substitute at by @))for an introductory transformational coaching session.


How to Hire the RIGHT coach for you
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