How we made our Millions – Peter Jones. Successful entrepreneurs. 

This is a Fascinating video about some of the most successful entrepreneurs in England.

One of these entrepreneur is Richard, founder of “Innocent Smoothies”,

Which is the most successful smoothie company in the uk, worth millions and 70% share of the smoothie market.  He gives 10% of profits to charity.

Richard sells over 2 million bottles of smoothies a week, but they are expanding.
Here is one of his advice,
-If you are 70% sure, go ahead-
He also suggests to keep it as easy and as fun as possible.
Demand the very Best From You.

The other one is Michelle Mone, founder of MJM lingerie, the country’s leading lingerie brad in the world.  Michelle is a very demanding leader, She says, “Look after your team because they will look after you”. Part of her strategy is to have a high profile and being very organized.
She built her business originally on free publicity.

Entrepreneurs business is very much a reflection as who they are as people.



How we made our Millions – Peter Jones. Successful entrepreneurs.
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