If you had 20 million and 10 years to live, what would you do?

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If you had 20 million and 10 years to live, what would you do?

If you had 20 million and 10 years to live, what would you do?

This is a great coaching question that Love to ask my clients, and friends because it has two variables, one is the factor of time, and the other is having enough money to do whatever you want.

The goal of this question is to find what truly matters to you.

Basically is telling you that if you had all the money you would need to live, and at the same time you would have a limited time left to live, only 10 years, what would you do with your life.

What would you do with your 10 years left to live, considering you had all the money you need and more…….

This question is looking for the most important things you can do, for your deepest values, for your mission in this planet.

Most people I ask, they want to leave a legacy, something that matters and endures time, but very few people live, on a daily basis, to that standard. They live an average life.

As Robin Sharma says,(www.robinsharma.com) live everyday to your highest values, take the actions that represent your highest values. Organize your schedule based on your values. This is a great advice to follow.

So, what would I do if I had 20 million dollars and 10 years to live?

Well, personally I would do the following….

  1. I would develop massively the site turbomind.com, is an inspirational, achievement site. I would write every day, do videos, an online TV show, and podcast presenting the most important concepts for success, achievement and living an extraordinary life. I would create mastermind groups. I would interview extraordinary accomplished people, not only in money terms but people that overcame extraordinary challenges and became victorious. I would create a community in which people can register and take a challenge, and help each other.
  2. I would develop mejorcadadia.com. I would build a vegetarian-eco wellness hotel, offering the best courses for health, personal development and success. The hotel would be a wellness university in addition to being a hotel.

This hotel would also have a recording studio. I would record also an online daily TV program and podcast. I would develop health and ecological tours. I would also develop a travel service with this hotel with the same name. A service that makes people smile and make them happy. With this service I would help the community.

Those are the two most important things I would do. The rest is complementary.

By Miguel De La Fuente, founder of Turbomind.com, Millionaire Up, Soulmate Call and Mejor Cada Dia. www.turbomind.com. Contact Miguel at “migueldelafuente511athotmailc.om (substitute “at” by “@”) for a transformational coaching session

If you had 20 million and 10 years to live, what would you do?
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