Mirrow Neurons. Turbomind Poweridea #50

Your subconscious mind is like a parrot. It tends to imitate your environment. And It does it without you noticing.  

You are what you think, read, watch, and listen to, and talk about. 

People tend to watch all the negative news in the world, all day, like CNN. And this sends a message to your subconscious mind that the world is negative, it is not going anywhere and is in really bad shape.

Even if the world is improving and getting better that is what the news tells you.

Be careful with your inner parrot that imitates your environment in order to survive.

Be a watchman for what you read, listen to, watch and talk about.

It will create your life.

By Miguel De La Fuente, founder of Turbomind, and Turbomind Coaching Academy. www.turbomind.com. Contact him at 507-62463797 or Skype ; Turbomind1, for an Transformational introductory coaching session.



Mirrow Neurons. Turbomind Poweridea #50
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