Welcome to “Keeping D Dream Alive” with Miguel de La Fuente

Hi and welcome to Keeping D Dream Alive show. I congratulate you for being here today. You are awesome. Tell yourself that constantly, I AM AWESOME…..the most important praising you can receive is your own praising……

My name is Miguel de la Fuente, I am the founder of turbomind.com as well as TotalSuccess Daily App

AND 2 TIMES PER WEEK we will take a coaching call from our community.

We WANT TO support you on any goal, dream or desire you may have as well as any frustrations, obstacles or challenge you may be facing. These are extraordinary conversations for extraordinary transformations.

I believe there is no mountain that cannot be conquered, no problem which cannot be solved and no person without hope. in MY WORLD, THERE IS ALWAYS hope.

I believe, There is always a way when you are absolutely committed TO RELENTLESS ACTION AND relentless DAILY IMPROVEMENT and when you want to serve a greater good.

TO Participate in one of these supporting calls as well as For personal and group coaching you can write me through WhatsApp at 507-62463797
You can also hire me to be your coach by contacting at those numbers

Make sure you become part of our Unstoppable-U community by downloading any of the free books and audios we offer you for free….

Soon we will be creating turbomind´s UNSTOPABLE-U summit, to increase your mental and personal…. with the best experts and coaches on mental toughness as well as personal transformation, stay tune for that….

And remember, be relentless, be unstoppable

Welcome to "Keeping D Dream Alive" with Miguel de La Fuente
Welcome to “Keeping D Dream Alive” with Miguel de La Fuente
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