Handmade Molas at turbomind.com

Hi, we create handmade molas, done by Panamá kunas with inspirational messages. 10% of the Net profit from these Molas, as well as TURBOMIND´s “Keeping Your Dream Alive” Inspirational Accessory line sold goes to support several organizations including Panamanian Indian Minority Group, “Kunas”. They Support themselves mostly through handmade “Molas” and Accessories.  Special thanks to […]

No More Excuses, book

“No More Excuses” book and sticker coming soon We are excited to announce “No More Excuses”- 300-Power Messages to Build the Necessary Discipline to Become Your Very Best book will be available soon.  This is the first one of the “Total Success Unstoppable Series”. We are getting ready to publish the NO More Excuses book. […]

Improve your relationships with 1-Minute a Day, TotalSUCCESS IDEA #4

    TotalSUCCESS IDEA #4 Improve your relationships with 1-Minute a Day Can You improve your relationships investing 1 minute per day? The answer is yes of course you can, anytime you make a TRUE Committed decision you start improving that, This is what you can do: Every single day you write 2 things about […]

“Millionaire Fastlane” turbomind book club.

10-Things I learnt from “Millionaire Fastlane, Crack the code to Wealth and live Rich for a Lifetime” by MJ DeMarco, Summary By Miguel De La Fuente for TURBOMIND Book Club. Our passion is learning. www.turbomind.com Do you want to be a millionaire? Do you really think it’s possible? Do you live paycheck to paycheck and […]

UNSHAKEABLE, turbomind book club-book summary of the week

      “TURBOMIND BOOK CLUB” SUMMARY OF THE WEEK, March 19, 2017 UNSHAKEABLE By Tony Robbins Book summary by Miguel De La Fuente   Hi, today’s book of the week is by Tony Robbins, UNSHAKEABLE. This is an exceptional book and one of turbomind’s top picks for 2017.  A must read book for anyone […]

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