The ONLY Video You Need To Find Your TRUE PURPOSE In Life | TOP 5 Best Advice Speeches | Goalcast

The ONLY Video You Need To Find Your TRUE PURPOSE In Life | TOP 5 Best Advice Speeches | Goalcast Awesome Video with awesome ideas. A MUST Watch video. It´s NOT about who you are today. It’s about who you want to become and the price you are willing to pay to be that person. […]

Neuroscientist EXPLAINS How To Unlock The POWER OF YOUR MIND | Andrew Huberman & Lewis Howes

Neuroscientist EXPLAINS How To Unlock The POWER OF YOUR MIND, by Andrew Huberman & Lewis Howes Some Great Ideas: Thoughts are a combination of our perception and what your memory triggers.Deep breathing is one of the best tools you have available to stop a depressive or negative state because the diaphragm is directly connected to […]

“Deep Work” by Cal Newport , Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted world

“Deep Work” by Cal Newport , How to Become Exceptional Some Excellent Ideas: -Deep Work: Professional activity performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that pushes your cognitive capabilities to their limit. These efforts create new value and are hard to replicate. –ONE OR TWO HOURS PER DAY OF UNINTERRUPTED AND FOCUSED ACTIVITY CAN CREATE […]

The “ONE THING” by Gary Keller. How to Get Extraordinary Results

The ONE thing, by Gary Keller, How to get extraordinary results. Some Great Ideas: -Doing many things takes you to mediocrity and not excellence. -Do Your own thing. Every successful person has his own great thing.-Have one thing to be your priority. -Do your own ONE thing and focus relentlessly every single day until you […]

Jack Ma’s Advice on Life and Business

Jack Mae´s Advice on Life and Business. Excellent advice by Jack Mae on how to make big in Life and Business Wake up before other people wake up. Be more brave than the others. Tomorrow is new. Make your move. It Doesn´t matter if other s don´t believe in it. Believe yourself.Don´t worry about the […]

Secrets of MULTI-BILLIONAIRES by Lewis Howes

Secrets of Billionaires, 8-Simple steps for self-success by Lewis Howes. SOME GREAT IDEAS…… To succeed get ready for rejection. Have the quality of your product so good people keep ordering. Don´t surround yourself with people who gossip. If there are bad news, don’t be the one who shares them out.Don´t pay attention to all this […]

How To Become a LEGEND, by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s

How To Become a Legend, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Blueprint Training Program. This is one of my favorite videos by Arnold, a true legend, by www.bodybuilding.com NEVER GIVE UP, TURBOMIND INSPIRATIONAL ACCESSORY LINE These are some great ideas: LEGENDS ARE NOT BORN.THEY ARE BUILT. LEGENDS ARE MADE FROMIRON AND SWEAT,MIND AND MUSCLE,BLOOD AND VISION,AND VICTORYLEGENDS AND CHAMPIONS […]

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