The “ONE THING” by Gary Keller. How to Get Extraordinary Results

The ONe thing, Better than yesterday,

The “ONE THING” by Gary Keller. How to Get Extraordinary Results

The ONE thing, by Gary Keller, How to get extraordinary results.

Some Great Ideas:

-Doing many things takes you to mediocrity and not excellence.
-Do Your own thing. Every successful person has his own great thing.
-Have one thing to be your priority.
-Do your own ONE thing and focus relentlessly every single day until you become a master; exceptionally good at it.
-Success can be like a sprint until the habits kicks in.
-Super successful people aren´t super human, they have used selective discipline to develop a few significant habits, one at a time, over time.
-You cannot focus on two things at the same time, however, you can TIME BLOCK activities, that it, focus completely on one activity or task at any particular time, without interruptions.

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If you are looking for other exceptional books on mental training as well as mental toughness here are my favorites, the ones I have personally read:

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  1. How Champions think by Dr Bob Rotella,
  2. An IRON WILL, by Orison Swet Mardin,
  3. The Champion´s Mind, by Jim Afremov.
  4. With winning in Mind, by Lanny Bassham,
  5. Chasing Excellence, by Ben Bergeron,
  6. Mind Gym, by Gary Mack,
  7. Tom Coughlin, by him,
  8. No Limits, by Michael Phelps,
  9. Relentless by Tim Grover,
  10. Unbeatable Mind, by Mark Divine,
  11. Get the Life You Want, by Richard Bandler.
  12. Can´t Hurt Me, by David Goggins,
  13. Make Your Bed, by Admiral William H- McRaven,
  14. The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone,
  15. Discipline Equals Freedom. Jocko Willink,
  16. RAFA, by Rafael Nadal,

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The “ONE THING” by Gary Keller. How to Get Extraordinary Results
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