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Unbeatable Mind by Mark Divine, turbomind Book Summary Tylor Jones

Tylor Jones, Master Coach at turbomind.com.
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You can visit Mark here: https://markdivine.com/
or here for Unbeatable mind: https://unbeatablemind.com/
and here for Sealfit: https://sealfit.com/coaching-staff/mark-divine/

This is one of my favorite books on personal development and excellence.
This is the complete package.

Mark Divine is a retired commander US Navy SEAL and human performance expert who founded the SEALFIT Academy and Kohoro Camp.

Here are some of the most important things I learnt from the book as well as my personal opinion. Mark Divine does a superior job in putting all together.


Regardless of your success level, most likely you tend to feel stuck in a low gear, a lower gear of what you consider possible in your life. In a way, you feel incomplete, kind of half empty, conscious that you are capable of much more than what you are presently doing. However, you are unable to break out of an ingrained patter of average and mediocrity.

For some people, there has to be an existential threat, a life or death situation, in order to activate the vast internal resources and potential inside of them.

Probably you feel the same. This is the puzzle of the human experience. Sometimes you don’t make the necessary changes until is too late.

The main idea of this book is that You are capable of much more. You are capable of achieving much more. Capable of being happier, healthier, smarter and better. You can always improve regardless of your current situation or condition.

Mark calls this the 20X factor. You are capable of accelerating your daily achievements 20 times what you are presently doing.

Don´t allow yourself to slide into physical and mental mediocrity.

One of the most important ideas in the book is the notion that DAILY TRAINING AND PRACTICE IS MORE IMPORTANT than a specific teacher or skill.

As the SEAL mantra goes, “The only easy day was yesterday”. Which basically refers to show up and put 100 percent effort and then do it again tomorrow. Just focus on performing your best right now.


As Mark says, “if determination is the will to keep showing up and putting out 100% every day, then perseverance is the discipline to follow through and keep on going NO MATTER what obstacles stand on your way”.

You don’t fail. You find a way, make one, or learn how not to do something. You are successful when you learn what doesn’t work and create a new or better way. You cannot fail in the traditional sense of the word. You simply keep trying until succeed.

To fully develop your potential requires a higher degree of risk tolerance and commitment to the mission. It must start deep inside of you.

You don’t “try” to do it. Trying expresses, the possibility that something can’t be done. When you decide to do something COMMIT to seeing it through. Learn to adapt, improvise, and overcome any obstacle that comes your way. This is a different way of living.


Mark started to experiment if different training techniques into his training regimen. But he couldn’t find one that fit all purposes.

CrossFit lack the inner development, Ninjutsu lack the functional fitness and meditation, and yoga lack the strength, stamina, and endurance training. So, he developed a system where he put all of them together. He launched in 2007 SEALFIT, as a warrior development training.

The program has 5-mountains or parts of human development. A good training program requires commitment to daily effort. Consistency is the omnipotent force behind change.

The warrior lives in the present. He fulfills his purpose every single day.


A warrior doesn’t do common. Satisfaction with mediocrity is unacceptable.

Slow down enough to pay attention to the details. Here is where you find the opportunity to do things a little bit differently and a little bit better.



When Mark was training for his black belt in Seido Karate he went to a retreat for a final tune up and was training 2-hours of meditation followed by 2-hours of Karate training.

His karate training prepared him for crisis situations, when crisis hit, rather than try to intellectualize or instantly think up a route through the problem, he LEARN TO FEEL HIS WAY OUT THOUGH CRISIS MOMENTS.

He realized how obsessive thinking and analysis paralysis had been responsible for injuries and deaths. He learnt to surrender to his intuition and seek presence instead of constant rationalization.

SEALS operate at an elite level because they know how to discipline their minds and win internally before enter the fight. They get access to the 90% or so of the vast mental power that lies underneath the rational thinking part of their mind.



To be a witness in your own life can be a very liberating moment. The ability to gain distance from your own thoughts. The more you connect with your witness the more you realize you are not your thoughts.

Sometimes people get “stuck” in their own thinking and their heads.

Negativity destroys performance and happiness. Our minds have a bias for negativity in order to survive.

(but not necessarily. It depends what you feed it too)



Negativity erodes performance, the same as second-guessing yourself and negative self-talk.

This is a great process you can do,

1. Witness Negativity. Observe it. Just by observing something without judgement you can improve it.

  1. Stop it with a power statement or affirmation. (choose whatever fits you better, I choose something like “I am Powerful”, or “I am unstoppable”)3. Redirect your focus to something positive. You can think on your current goal, and ask yourself something like, “What is my outcome here”)4. Maintain the new mental state with a mantra. (deep breathing for this is ideal)


Interdiction power statements are words that shock your mind. Words like “Stop”, or “YES”, “Feed your courage”, “One more”.

(in my opinion, NEAR-TERM Positive images are very powerful, for example, images that are happening in the near term. Image yourself in the next action you are going to take. For example, you are going to have lunch, imagine for a couple of minutes the ideal scenario for that lunch. Near term visualizations for a lot of people tend to be easier to do.

There are many examples of success near-term visualization used by famous athletes, like Jack Nicklaus, where he used to image playing next hole in excellent way)



  2. What do you value and how can I live by these principles?
  3. What is my purpose? Who am I and what am I here for? What is the ONE THING I am supposed to accomplish in my life? How is todays one thing connected to my life´s one thing?
  4. How do I take my one thing and activate it in the world?


Lack of passion, meaning and purpose is a major cause of challenges in this world. Some people have a vague sense of purpose- The clearer you re about this questions the better. This is a continuous process or defining and redefining your values, purpose, dreams, etc.

Journaling is an excellent way to clarify this.

Here are some questions that can help you….



Imagine a friend of yours is reading your obituary after you passed away,
what would you like for him to read or say?


Success is defined by choice, and are the smaller choices, the regular patterns, not the major ones that make the difference between average and extraordinary.
One of the most important choices is how you think and how you deal with stress.



Don’t look so much for a super human effort but for a super human determination and kind of a love challenge attitude.

In Marks Kokoro camps, it is his job to help his trainees discover what aspects of themselves that holds them back from greatness and to help them breakthrough to the next stage of their development.

Sometimes this includes putting them through extra effort, as after enduring over 49 hours of pressure to make it a little harder and tell them they were going to over for a couple more hours. Some people quit there at the sport. The new stress had made these people decide to give up.

People tend to think stress is something bad for you. The problem is not stress but what you think about it.

It comes down how you decide to see stress, and for that matter any situation. It can be the best opportunity of your life, a gift, a blessing. Its your choice how to decide to see it.

What if your biggest problems in your life were your biggest opportunities, your biggest gifts? Would you act differently? Would you feel differently? Absolutely.

In order to change the story of your life, you need to change the story of your life inside your own head.



  1. Witness your stress, what’s going on.
  2. Stop the response to stress you are having with a power affirmation.
  3. Redirect your physiology into positive performance.
  4. Use breathing and concentration to improve performance.

Stress I simple a term used for resistance or pressure. We need these two forces to grow as humans.

When stress is not considered intentional invited, we called it distress, instead of “eustress” (good stress).



A great way to reduce stress instantly, improve performance and feel better is through deep breathing exercises.

One of the best ones is called BOX BREATHING.

In box breathing you SLOW DOWN YOUR BREATH AND BEGIN hold your breath in the inhale and the exhale.

While doing the box breathing you start to concentrate on the breathing while repeating a positive mantra.

You can do this for a couple of minutes or for hours, as you decide.

Stress is easily managed though deep breathing and concentration exercises. Its free medicine without negative side effects.

The daily practice of box breathing can transform how you feel and help you to be in optimal health, better quality and longer life.

Don’t wait for a crisis to get started.

Deep, long, unbroken and inspired concentration is the hallmark skill of super achievers.

Deep breathing work helps you

  1. Enhances lung capacity and breathing musculature.
  2. Strengthens your immune system.
  3. Regulates your neuroendocrine system.
  4. Charges and balances your energetic body into a state of invigorating health.



In box breathing you use a 1-1-1-1 ratio.


  1. Start by exhaling all of the air from the lungs.
    2. Now, inhale to the count of 5
    3. Retain your breath to the count of 5 (without creating back pressure)
    4. Hold the exhaled breath to the count of 5.

After you have practice for a while and you have the rhythm, you can add a powerful affirmation or mantra to the routine, but the most important is to maintain the rhythm.

Deep breathing and stress cannot survive together. They are two antagonist processes. One aligns and relaxes you, the other contracts the body.

After you perform box breathing for 10 minutes you will see your stress level automatically and dramatically disappears.



The inability to recover quickly from a “perceive” failure can destroy a person emotionally.

How many times do we let our emotions get us out from our best game?

Resilience means you bounce back quickly from any setback, whatever set back it is, physical, mental or emotional.

Too many people just stay negative for too long. Life will test you to the bone, but it’s your ability to recover fast the different in your personal and business success.

As Marks says, “Success in life is internal and comes from developing mastery over yourself, and using this mastery so you can serve others in the fulfillment of your purpose”

Obsessing about what you don’t have so far accomplishes nothing. Where you are right now is a necessary step in your evolution as a human being. You must go through this stage in order to go to the next.

You should be content where you are while you are while you are committed to go where you want to go.



When you commit yourself to self-mastery, then you MUST be dedicated to your training. Random training would be a disaster for any elite team, as for any individual. Dedication is required to show up and put out every day.

Dedication is necessary to master any skill.



A reporter was writing a story about the achievement and successes of one twin who clawed his way out of poverty, and depression.

The reporter asked the man, “to what do you attribute your accomplishments?

He thought for a while and respond, “I had no choice. You see, I had to find a way up and out because my father was a horrible alcoholic and abused me and my brother.

I knew that if I didn’t work hard and improve my life, I´d become just like him”

Curious about the fate of the other twin, the reporter tracked him down and found him as a homeless living on the streets.

So, the reporter asked the same question.

The response was, “I had no choice. You see, I was doomed because my father was a horrible alcoholic who abused me and my brother. I didn’t stand a chance



Abundance is the Positive expression of a highly evolved consciousness that recognizes there is plenty to go around in this unlimited world.

When you live an abundantly, you want to be generous. It’s a trademark of an abundant life. The more generous you are the more abundant you will live.

The more you share, the more you share, the more you will have in life. If I want to live abundantly, I must be generous.

Ask yourself;

-how can you be more generous not only with your money but also with your time and energy?

-How need my support, my help, my love?
-Who can I serve today?
-How can I serve better?


You cannot hide from your own beliefs.



Most people are stuck in a low gear, a lower gear of their full potential and unable to breakthrough from a mediocrity patterns. But you can.

One of the most important ideas in the book is the notion that DAILY TRAINING AND PRACTICE IS MORE IMPORTANT than a specific teacher or skill


  1. DAILY TRAINING AND PRACTICE IS MORE IMPORTANT than a specific teacher or skill. A good training program requires commitment to daily effort. Consistency is the omnipotent force behind change. Fulfill your purpose every single day.

ACTION STEPS:1. Cultivate your mental toughness.


  1. A warrior doesn’t do common. Satisfaction with mediocrity is unacceptable.
  2. The outer conditions in a person´s life will always be found to reflect their inner beliefs. –James Allen.
  3. The only easy day was yesterday”. Which basically refers to show up and put 100 percent effort and then do it again tomorrow


If you are looking for other exceptional books on mental training as well as mental toughness here are my favorites, the ones I have personally read:

  1. How Champions think by Dr Bob Rotella, https://www.turbomind.com/how-champions-think-by-dr-bob-rotella/
  2. An IRON WILL, by Orison Swet Mardin, https://www.turbomind.com/an-iron-will-what-all-great-men-have-in-comon/
  3. The Champion´s Mind, by Jim Afremov.
  4. With winning in Mind, by Lanny Bassham, https://www.turbomind.com/with-winning-in-mind-by-lanny-bassham/
  5. Chasing Excellence, by Ben Bergeron, https://www.turbomind.com/chasing-excellence-by-ben-bergeron/
  6. Mind Gym, by Gary Mack, https://www.turbomind.com/mind-gym-gary-mack-turbomind-book-club/
  7. Tom Coughlin, by him, https://www.turbomind.com/tom-coughlin-earn-the-right-to-win-best-ideas/
  8. No Limits, by Michael Phelps, https://www.turbomind.com/no-limits-by-michael-phelps-the-will-to-succeed-turbomind-com-book-club/
  9. Relentless by Tim Grover, https://www.turbomind.com/relentless-from-good-to-great-to-unstoppable-by-tim-s-grover-summary-by-miguel-de-la-fuente/
  10. Unbeatable Mind, by Mark Divine, https://www.turbomind.com/unbeatable-mind-mark-divine-turbomind-com-bookclub/
  11. Get the Life You Want, by Richard Bandler.
  12. Can´t Hurt Me, by David Goggins, https://www.turbomind.com/cant-hurt-me-by-david-goggins-turbomind-book-club/
  13. Make Your Bed, by Admiral William H- McRaven, https://www.turbomind.com/make-your-bed-by-admiral-william-h-mcraven-turbomind-bookclub/
  14. The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone, https://www.turbomind.com/the-10x-rule-the-difference-between-success-and-failure-book-summary/
  15. Discipline Equals Freedom. Jocko Willink, https://www.turbomind.com/discipline-equals-freedom-by-jocko-willink/
  16. RAFA, by Rafael Nadal, https://www.turbomind.com/rafa-by-rafael-nadalbook-summary/

I keep updating this list regularly….


Tylor Jones, Master Coach at turbomind.com.
Contact me Through WhatsApp or Telegram for a 45-Minute Free Coaching Session. I love helping people and Businesses become Exceptional. +507-6426-9450. keep updating this list regularly….

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“Unbeatable Mind”, Mark Divine, Book summary
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