The Most Important Nutrient for  a Healthy, Energetic and long Life

This is a especial turbomind artile and guide, about living health and wellness, by Miguel De La Fuente

Water may be one of the simplest, most powerful keys to increased energy and the loss of excess body fat”.

-Ellington Darden, PhD, Strength Expert, exercise

scientist, and Director of Research for Nautilus

Water and the correct ingestion of it is the essence of a healthy and long life. It is a simple concept, which is mostly and highly overseen by most health, diets, and nutrition programs. To continuously and regularly make your body hydrated is an absolute necessity for maintaining a high energy and vitality level, as well as your health.

This way you eliminate toxins from your body as well as having an abundance of energy and vitality.

Studies have shown that when the body cells are hydrated they become bigger and expand in size. This hydration makes them increase in size,  making them thicker and stronger, therefore making the body healthier and more alive.


All living organism thrive on water, from plants to animals to humans. Conversely, when the cells become dehydrated, they become deflated and smaller, thus triggering illnesses and sickness in the body which creates free radicals and toxemia.

To avoid this, one must follow the proper hydration process, which is also a necessity for peak performance and health promotion.

A nutritional researcher by the name of Michael Colgan, Ph.D., had a brief but apt explanation on the importance of water to our health. He had said that, “Even a tiny shortage of water disrupts your biochemistry. Dehydrate a muscle by only 3 percent, and you lose 10 percent of contractile strength and 8 percent of speed. Water balance is the single most important variable in lifelong good health and top performance.”

Water is the essence of health and well¬being, in the same way that Oxygen is the essence of life in this planet.

Water makes up 90% of our blood, 85% of our brain, and 70% of the rest of our body. About two¬thirds of the body’s water surplus is in the cells, while the others are used to transport nutrients.

Water lubricates joints, assists in maintaining a regular body temperature, and regulates all body functions. People who drink lots of water tend to have a smoother skin and a higher resistance to infections because of the moisturizing effect on the mucus lining of the respiratory tract.

Even our planet is mostly made of water.

Water is what our body uses to cleanse itself from the toxins introduced through the air and the food we eat. This cleansing of the toxins as we have previously discussed, is crucial to our health.

Since our body needs to be constantly cleared from internal toxins, we need water to perform this function and at the same time allow our systems to work at optimum levels.

A child may be about 70 percent water, but the average seventy¬year old person is about 30 percent water. Most people are dehydrated, especially if they consume the average diet with lots of sugar, salt, saturated fats, trans fats, coffee and sodas, even worse if they are consuming junk food as part of their daily routine.


They may not be aware that the food they eat could make them dehydrated.

Sometimes even the mere sensation of being thirsty is not an accurate indicator of your body’s actual hydration state. Not being thirsty does not necessarily mean that you do not need to give your body more water.

Thirst is an extreme measure that tells you that you absolutely need to drink liquids. Your body might have been thirsty long ago, but it is only when it reaches the extreme dehydration that your body actually sends you a signal for absolute urgency to hydrate your system otherwise, your body will suffer.

Water is also known as nature’s miracle cleanser. Without it, your body cannot clean itself from the toxins and internal pollution, and as a result your body becomes poisoned. It is essential to maintain the right chemical balance in your bloodstream.

In fact, most of the sickness and accelerated aging are associated with chronic dehydration, which means constant water loss, and thus promotes sickness, diseases, as well as the development of bacteria, fungi, and molds.

Health experts say that 2 liters a day, per person is the minimum amount recommended to maintain one’s health. The exact amount will be

determined by your body weight and lifestyle.

The more active you are or the heavier you are, usually the more water you need to drink. A person who weighs 100 pounds is not required to drink the same amount of water as that of someone who weighs 250 pounds.

Furthermore, your consumption of water also depends upon your lifestyle. If you walk, run, or jog for three hours a day, as compared to another person who is more sedentary, the more water you will need.

If you consume too much salt or junk food in your diet, you should also increase your intake of water. For the average person with the standard diet of 2¬liters of water a day is too little to properly hydrate their system and cleanse the toxins and wastes from their body.

If you want an extraordinary health, great energy and high vitality, you would want to follow this principle every single day of your life. In the same way that your feet need to be washed everyday, your internal body needs to be cleansed every single day as well.

THE BEST TIME TO DRINK THE WATER IS WITH AN EMPTY STOMACH. As water is a solvent, it is not a good idea to drink water, or any other liquid for that matter when you are eating. It tends to dissolve the gastric acids that makes digestion possible, and thus slows the process of digestion.

When you drink water on an empty stomach, your body uses it to cleanse all of your internal systems.

When we wake up in the morning, the first couple of hours ideally would be “water hours”, in which we only drink water without any other ingestion of foods and or liquids.

This is because our body is still burning and metabolizing the foods we ingested the night before. If we start eating breakfast right away it will slow down the process of assimilating the foods from last night, and at the same time, it will not give our body enough time to cleanse itself and eliminate the unwanted elements from the food we ate.



Another ideal time to drink water is in the afternoon, on an empty


At about 5 o’clock p.m. or so our body becomes hungry again and will demand more food. It will also help us cleanse and energize our system.

Instead of eating a snack, try drinking one full liter of cold water at this time of the day, in which you are hungry. You can feel the water coming in, cleansing your internal organs, and giving you an instant sensation of well-being.

One good example is my friend, Catherine, who consistently drinks one and a half liters of water in an empty stomach in the afternoon. She told me once how her energy increased for the entire afternoon even until the early hours of the following morning. With this daily habit, it automatically became natural to her to turbo charge herself with water, not to mention her hair and skin becoming better and smoother.

As previously mentioned, in order to have an abundance of energy and vitality, as well as attaining your ideal weight, we need not use stimulants or drugs. They only make us unhealthy and prevent us from being productive. All we need to do is to eliminate what causes you to be tired and groggy.

When we eliminate and replace all unproductive habits with new energetic ones, we are creating the environment for happiness, achievement, and fulfillment.

Keep in mind that everything we do in our life is interconnected. When we change one aspect of our lives, we are changing many other areas simultaneously.

Drinking water not only helps your digestive system but it also makes your liver and kidneys rest from having to process the toxins we eat everyday. Our liver is like a chemical factory, continually processing the foods we eat.

Because we are continually overloading it with toxins, our liver needs extra help by drinking water to work at optimum levels.

If you want to help your liver and your body clean from the internal pollution, fasting is one of the best and most effective ways to accomplish this. When you do fasting, you are basically ingesting liquid foods and eliminating some of the solid ones.

Also, One day fasting per week it is a great habit to develop. Even if you can not do fasting one full day per week, you can still dramatically increase your energy and vitality by drinking pure water the first couple of hours in the morning. You will dramatically improve mentally, emotionally, and Physically.

Some people think that when we miss a meal we will burn fat. This is normally not the case. When we miss a meal we tend to inhibit the burning of fats. Our metabolism drops. Missing a meal is not the same as ingesting a liquid meal.

Missing a meal is not good for your weight or your health. Having a liquid meal, however, even if it is just by drinking water is a totally different scenario.

When we are drinking water, or the water, which you will see a little further, we are not missing a meal but we are actually giving ourselves a liquid meal that our body desperately needs to clean itself.

We only need to put the right ingredients into the water so that our body incurs the nutrients it needs to perform at its best without having to use the energy to burn and metabolize the foods you eat. As a result we are helping our body heal itself.

On the other hand, the ingestion of less amount of water than what is recommended results in dehydration, which has many negative effects on our metabolism.

The most obvious effect is Fatigue. Not only does it not get the opportunity to eliminate waste, it also contributes to the increase of fat deposits.




Not all waters are the same. Keep in mind that coffee, black tea, softdrinks and alcoholic drinks have a dehydrating effect on your body. You cannot call these drinks water drinks, otherwise you might end up drinking lots of sodas, thinking that besides liking the flavor you are doing a favor to your body.

This is a dangerous misconception and a highly unhealthy one. These drinks are diuretic in nature. They take away the water in your body at the same time prevent your body from assimilating it.

These stimulants only dehydrate your body. Your body needs extra water to recover from the water lost due to the use of these substances. So, if you want to properly hydrate your body, you will need extra water to palliate the effects of caffeine. The best choice you can take is to completely eliminate all of these substances from your daily diet.

What time is the most important to drink plenty of water?

It is essential to start the morning cleansing, energizing and embracing our body, and the best way to do this is through proper hydration. In the morning our kidneys, liver and the rest of our body need water the most. Through proper exercise, breathing and hydration, our lymph system becomes stimulated.

You could drink at least 1 liter, ideally 2 liters of cold water, and if possible drop the juice of a fresh lemon in it every morning. This benefit to a higher volume of urine production, which reduces fatigue and lessens the risk of elevated blood pressure, urinary infections and kidney stones.


Does the water temperature matter?

Dr Darden, PhD, suggests that you will get more benefits by drinking a low-temperature water or ice¬cold water. “A gallon of ice¬cold water requires more than 200 of heat energy to core body temperature.

His studies have shown that ice¬cold water increases energy and it may also help burn body fat. Cold water is more effective in doing its job. It stimulates the production of energy while increasing alertness.


  1. Green Drinks.

There is something you can add to the water you drink to make it dramatically better for your body. The right alkalinity and PH is important for our health and well being.

You can add a green herb to the water to make it much more powerful. This drink can be something like wheat grass that is very effective in providing alkaline and energy to your system.

You can also use alfalfa capsules (in powder form). All you have to do is just drop them into the water and you will have a similar effect but at a much more affordable prize.

Alfalfa is a word that was created by Arabs that literally means the “king of all herbs.” This is because Arabs give it to their horses to increase their performance and endurance. When choosing alfalfa capsules though, make sure it is from concentrated juice because it is 4 times more powerful than the regular ones.

Put the capsules into the water and drink two liters a day of this drink with an empty stomach. Personally I like the one made by Solaray, called

“Alfajuice”. You can buy them in any health store. It is very affordable, about $10.

If you have been dehydrated for many years, it will take some time until your body restores to its healthy hydration levels. In this case you can add either the green drink or you can just trace minerals in the water.

Just be sure to read the label when you buy any of these green powders. Some of them place too many “fillers” into their drinks to make it more affordable when in reality you are not getting what you need or want.

This is why sometimes I would prefer to buy products that only have 1 or 2 ingredients like wheat grass or alfalfa, which are real concentrated form of greens.

The great advantage of using a green powder into your water is that when you consume it you will be provided with all of the vitamins and minerals as well as amino acids for proper functioning.

Most of the vitamins and supplements you ingest go through the toilet, which eventually turns out to be an expensive urine because your body does not absorb them.

You might be thinking that you are provided with the nutritional requirements, but in reality only a small portion, maybe merely 3 or 5 percent is really assimilated by your body.

So, why not combine all of the nutrients, the vitamins, the minerals and amino acids in their natural form?

This doesn’t mean that you should buy commercialized protein drinks because of the nutrition contents written about it. Those are just marketing strategies, when in reality all of the true proteins are only condensed from pure vegetables.

However when we cook the vegetables, we tend eliminate some of the vitamins, minerals, as well as the amino acids, this is why drinking green drinks provide so many necessary nutrients to our system.

Bear in mind that everything that makes us efficiently healthy comes from nature. Nature is infinitely wise and it provides us the best foods in its natural form.

A single drop of alfalfa into a glass of water already provides many of the most important vitamins, minerals, amino acids as well as many other natural and necessary substances for your body to live at its peak state.


2. Lemon Water

Like water, lemon is one of nature’s most powerful cleansers.

When you combine both water and lemon, you will have a cleaning machine working for you.

Tomorrow when you wake up, squeeze the lemon’s juice into a liter of water. Within the first two hours, finish drinking this lemon water. Try not drink any other liquid or substance. Do not eat anything either.

Only consume the lemon water you just made. Soon you will sense your body being cleansed and purified and your energy rejuvenated. There are a only a few things you can do in the morning when you wake up because of your still lazy state, but with this routine, you will be instantly energized and you will be able to do anything you want.

This adequate consumption of water is a very basic principle overlooked by most nutrition and health experts.

It is very simple and yet it is extremely effective when you consistently put it to work. The key is to super hydrate your system with an EMPTY STOMACH. The very best times to achieve this are in the morning and the mid afternoon.

However, you are still required to hydrate yourself throughout the whole day. Try drinking water, water with fresh squeeze lemon juice, or water with the green drink for one whole day with no foods and you will notice an instant feeling of energy, vitality and well being which you have not experienced before.

Super hydrating the body is the cornerstone of other healthy lifestyle habits. It is the foundation of all other principles. Super hydration is indeed a necessity for health, energy, vitality, longevity, and performance.



If you have not eaten yet in the past hour and a half or more, get one liter of cold water, squeeze some lemon juice, and instead of eating your meal or snack, drink the one¬liter of water.

You will notice how the hunger goes away and how your body gets cleaned as it passes through your system.

Make a habit of super hydrating your system, and you will be putting a strong foundation for health, energy and vitality in your life. Remember to super hydrate your system during the whole day. It will not be effective if you only drink a liter of water in the morning water without drinking the rest of the day.

The key is doing it THROUGHOUT the day. Ideally about three liters of water.

You can be full of energy and vitality throughout the whole day. It is your birthright; do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

Take action and make it happen. Super hydrating is a simple technique to dramatically improve your health and energy levels. You will not realize its benefits until you try it, so do it now. Water is the most important nutrient you an have.

Most important points to remember

1¬Water is the most important nutrient for health, energy, vitality and performance.

2¬Cells which are dehydrated get smaller, triggering disease and sickness.

3¬Hydrated cells become bigger and expanded.
4¬70% of our body is made of water, 85% of our brain and about 90% of our blood.
5¬Water is nature’s miracle cleanser.
6¬Sodas, coffee and alcohol are diuretics. They steal water from our body.

7¬Dehydration helps to develop fatigue and fat deposits.

8¬It’s not enough to drink two glasses of water; one in the morning and the other at night. For energy, vitality and longevity is important to keep a clean internal environment, and super hydrating our body is the easiest way to accomplish this. Drink at least 2 liters a day of cold water, ideally three to four.

9¬Drinking in the morning, just after waking up is the most important time to drink water. Additionally, anytime on an empty stomach is very beneficial to drink water.

10¬Dehydrate a muscle by 3 percent and it will loose about 10 percent of contractile strength. Dehydration is the number one cause of underperformance in any activity.

11¬The majority of the population is dehydrated.

By Miguel De La Fuente. He is the founder of TURBOMIND,  an international coaching company. Basically they do 2 things: 1-they provide High End Coaching to Highly Commmittted individuals and 2-The provide Inspirational Products and Services. You can reach Miguel 507-62463797 or at (substitute at by @))for an introductory transformational coaching session

turbomind coach miguel de la fuente
turbomind coach miguel de la fuente




The Most Important Nutrient for a Healthy, Energetic and long Life
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