You are Responsible, Turbomind Poweridea #92

You are responsible. No one is going to do it for you.
You are completely responsible for yourself and for everything that happens to you. Once you take full responsibility in your life, magic can start to happen, miracles too.

How are you going to change or improve something that you believe have no responsibility or choice over it?

You can’t. So the first step in transforming your life and results is to understand and that you are responsible for the situation you are living now.

This moment, where you re now, is the sum total of all the choices you  have made in your life. Your physical body at this very moment is the results of all what you chose to eat in the past, the exercise you chose to make or not, even the thoughts and emotions you chose to have and embrace.

You are the sum total of all your choices.

The question is

How could you make better choices from now on?

How could you automatically make better choices and develop even better habits that support your most extraordinary vision for yourself and your life?

Tylor Jones, Master Coach at
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You are Responsible, Turbomind Poweridea #92
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