Your standardsTurbomind Poweridea #69

Your standardsTurbomind Poweridea #69

Your standardsTurbomind Poweridea #69

Your inner standards govern your life. They are like a GPS of what you can do and what it must happen. They are the real measure of yourself.

Until you don’t raise your standards you will not make lasting and real change. It will be temporary.

For example…

 My physical and health standards are that I don’t live a day without some type of physical action or exercise……., usually is at least 20 intense minutes of physical exercise, even if I do it at home with my own body.

I will not leave home without doing this 20 minutes. This is my standard. This I must do. I will not give myself explanations, or excuses on why I can’t do it.

I simply will just do it.

What are your standards?

 What you will not allow to continue to happen in your life anymore?

What are you absolutely committed to make it happen?

Create powerful and high standards in all areas of your life.

By Miguel De La Fuente, founder of Turbomind, and Turbomind Coaching Academy. Contact him at 507-62463797 or Skype ; Turbomind1, for an Transformational introductory coaching session.


Your standardsTurbomind Poweridea #69
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