“THE LOVE Book”, WRITING YOUR WAY TO YOUR SOULMATE By Elizabeht N. Doyd, Book Summary

“THE LOVE book”, WRITING YOUR WAY TO YOUR SOULMATE By Elizabeht N. Doyd, book summary by MIguel De La Fuente

“THE LOVE Book”, WRITING YOUR WAY TO YOUR SOULMATE By Elizabeht N. Doyd, Book Summary

10-Things I learnt from “THE LOVE book”, WRITING YOUR WAY TO YOUR SOULMATE

By Elizabeht N. Doyd

Book summary for TURBOMIND Book Club, By Miguel De La Fuente https://www.turbomind.com
Hi, today, we have the book the Love Book, writing your way to your soulmate, written by Elizabeth N. Doyd.
I love this book because it’s so practical. It’s a short but powerful book for anyone looking for a soulmate, a life partner, or a romantic couple.
The basic premise for this book is that if you don’t have your soulmate yet is because you haven’t BEEN READY to receive this person into your life. In other words, you have block the manifestation of your soulmate for your lack of readiness. At some subconscious level you have block this person, there is a part of you that is not ready to receive this person. Or maybe you prefer to stay single.

The good news is that you can attract your soulmate into your life. You can do things that will help manifest this person in your life.

  1. If you don’t have your soulmate is because at some level you have blocked this person out from your life, at some subconscious or unconscious level you are keeping this person away. In order for this person to manifest itself into your life you have to eliminate all possible blocks and really be ready for this person.
  2. Be as grateful and as happy as possible in order to attract the best to you. When you feel grateful you tend to attract the best to you. Practice being grateful and happy every single day of your life. Activate your smile.
  3. Interrupt negative patterns of thinking and behaving that you might have developed during many years. Sometimes we develop negative patters without conscious attention. Interrupt these negative patterns.
  4. Have self love and have faith will bring this person faster. Self love and pure faith will bring this person. We are not talking about religious faith, but about the deep believe that this person is manifesting will manifest into your life now. Or better yet that this person is MANIFESTING into your life now.
  5. Start a soulmate journal today. This is one of the most powerful tools you have available. Write every day about your progress, your ideal mate, your ideal relationship. Write about your frustrations, your desires, your fears, your aspirations. Writing is an amazing therapeutic tool.
  6. Discover yourself, what you really want and your true purpose in life, this will help you manifest this person faster and easier. When you now your deepest values and mission in life is easier to attract a person that is aligned with them, makes sense?
  7. The love you seek is already available to you, is out there. And this love is also seeking you, don’t lose faith. This person exist, is alive and seeking you. It’s a matter of putting the two of you together.
  8. Listen to Your Intuition. Listen to what intuition is saying, not your desire but your deeper voice, your intuition. What is your intuition saying or is trying to tell you?. Close your eyes now and let it peak to you.
  9. Work on their negative traits and strengthen the positive ones. Try to improve on your negative traits and also on your strengths.
  10. A great partnership starts with a Great friendship. The happiest couples are the ones that love to be with each other.

Develop that friendship.

Some powerful questions you can answer in your diary.

Why do you want love?

——————————- If you were in a romantic relationship how would your life be different

Do you truly believe that your desire for big love can be realized? Explore why and the reasons


Can you see yourself in a loving relationship?


How do you feel about being single?


What do you like doing?

————————————— What makes you feel good?

2 great Action Stpes you can take today:

  1. Write a soulmate journal, write every day, write about your desires, your fears, your frustrations, your ideal mate, your ideal relationship, and about your progress. Even 10 minutes per day can make a huge difference.
  2. Be as grateful and as happy as possible. Give thanks every single day, even 10 minutes per day makes a difference. Make an effort to smile and laugh.

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“THE LOVE Book”, WRITING YOUR WAY TO YOUR SOULMATE By Elizabeht N. Doyd, Book Summary
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