The Top-10-Books on Coaching, by Miguel De La Fuente

The Top-10-Books on Coaching, by Miguel De La Fuente

These are my favorite books on coaching. If you want too become an extraordinary coach yu need to keepreading, improving and becoming better.

  1. The prosperous coach by rich litvin, Richard  Chandler,  deep coaching session
  2. Get clients no, by Christian Mickelsen
  3. The 3% man by Corey Wayne
  4. Become a coach, Mitch Matthews and David Nadler
  5. Double your income, Raymond Aaron
  6. The coach habit, Michael Bungay Stanier
  7. The book of coaching for extraordinary coaches, Ajit Nawalkha, cofoundr of mindvalley
  8. Gutsy glorious life coach, Lin Eleoff
  9. Coach anyone about anything , Germaine Porche and Jed Neiderer.
  10. Coaching for breakthrough success, Jack Canfield and Dr Peter Chee

If you want to be an exceptional coach these are some books you want to  read and study, if you want to become really good at coaching one thingis for sure, you need to practice, leanr and improve. You cannot be satisfied.

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The Top-10-Books on Coaching, by Miguel De La Fuente
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