5-Questions to transform any problem into an advantage

We all have problems, do we not?

Well I prefer to think or see them as challenges. A problem sounds hard and cold. A challenge sounds exciting and with possibility.

I don’t like problems. I love challenges.

The words you use to describe something determine how you see it, and how  you see something makes a huge difference on your response.

Calling a problem “a problem” is the first problem you have.

What is problem? It’s like something in the middle of the road that doesn’t let you move forward.

So the first step to transform a problem into a benefit or advantage is to for you to use a more empowering word.

Here are some:
-situation waiting to be resolved

I believe your biggest challenges are also your greatest opportunities.

Here are some empowering questions to ask yourself:

  1. What is great about this situation? Or what could be good if I really look for it? In other words, what are the benefits of having this challenge in your life.
    Usually when we are in the middle of the situation is hard to see the benefits. However, they are always there. Even in the most difficult situations you can find a benefit or advantage.
  2. What can I learn from this? What can you learn from this situation? What is the lesson here? There is always something we can learn from every single experience.
  3. How could I easily turn this situation around? How could I turn this situation into a massive breakthrough?
  4. What result, outcome or goal would I like to see happen?
    Have you been in an argument with someone about something when you lost track of the goal in the first place? What is your outcome, what is that you want? It is just an easy and basic question but most of the time we forget to ask this basic question.
  5. What am I committed to make happen? This is an extension of the last answer. When you are in the middle of a long challenge you tend to forget your commitments. You only see dark clouds in the sky.
    For example, It is very easy to start a business but very challenging to take it into a very successful enterprise. So, in a challenging situation ask yourself what are you absolutely committed to do or to make happen? In my experience, no great accomplishment happen you make a decision, a true decision, a powerful agreement.


Remember, There is always a way out of every problem. There is always a way to improve every situation regardless of its condition. There is always a way. There is always a way to achieve your biggest dreams. You have the power to create the life you want.

Your coach,

Miguel De La Fuente

Are there things you have dreamt about that you haven’t found a way to manifest them? Do you have an “imposible dream” that you want to make happen?

Call me. I coach Committed Individuals in Realizing their Dreams.

By Miguel De La Fuente. He is the founder of TURBOMIND, (www.turbomind.com) an international coaching company. Basically they do 2 things: 1-they provide High End Coaching to Highly Commmittted individuals and 2-The provide Inspirational Products and Services. You can reach Miguel 507-62463797 or at miguelatturbomind.com (substitute at by @))for an introductory transformational coaching session.



5-Questions to transform any problem into an advantage, by Miguel De La Fuente
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