Chasing EXCELLENCE, by Ben Bergeron

Chasing EXCELLENCE, by Ben BergeronA story about building the World´s Fittest Athletes Are you willing to COMMIT yourself to become the VERY BEST you can possibly become MAXIMIZING every minute of your day? This week we one of my top-10 books on mental Toughness, by Ben Bergeron, “Chasing Excellence”. This is his website, https://benbergeron.com/ This […]


HOW TO TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE, BY Richard BandlerThe user´s Guide to NLP Hi, this week´s book is “How to Take Charge of Your Life”, by Richard Bandler with Alessio Roberti and Owen Fitzpatrick This is not a summary. It’s more like a deep and practical essay from the book as well as some […]

Millionaire Messenger, Brendon Burchard

This week we have another awesome book, by Brendon Burchard, called “The Millionaire Messenger”. Even though this book was written in 2011, over 8 years, still the information is very relevant today. I like this book because it gives you a road-map on how to become an expert and offer your expertise to the world. […]

No More Excuses, book

“No More Excuses” book and sticker coming soon We are excited to announce “No More Excuses”- 300-Power Messages to Build the Necessary Discipline to Become Your Very Best book will be available soon.  This is the first one of the “Total Success Unstoppable Series”. We are getting ready to publish the NO More Excuses book. […]

 10-Things I learnt from “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Miguel De La Fuente

      In every human being there is a limitless reservoir of power, which can overcome any problem, any obstacle, any challenge and achieve any dream. It’s the power of your subconscious mind. The biggest obstacle to your success and achievement is your own thought or mental image, your self limiting beliefs, negativity and […]

“Put a shark in your tank”, By Kevin Harrington, TURBOMIND Book Summary of the week

   “Put a shark in your tank” By Kevin Harrington Summary by Miguel De La Fuente www.turbomind.com “For People who Refuse to be Average”   Hi and welcome to turbomind´s next book summary of the week, an excellent book called “Put a shark in your tank” By Kevin Harrington. Kevin was (not sure If he […]

Create Your Destiny, Brian Tracy, Book Summary of the week

    Hi, this week’s book summary is a he one, and review is for the book: “Create Your Destiny”, How to master the 12 critical factors of success, by Brian Tracy.   Brian Tracy is a master at putting together success principles and concepts that make a difference in people’s lives. He is better […]

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