brendon Burchard

Millionaire Messenger, Brendon Burchard

This week we have another awesome book, by Brendon Burchard, called “The Millionaire Messenger”. Even though this book was written in 2011, over 8 years, still the information is very relevant today. I like this book because it gives you a road-map on how to become an expert and offer your expertise to the world. […]

HIGH PERFORMANCE HABITS, Brendon Burchard, Book Summary

“HIGH PERFORMANCE HABITS” by Brendon Burchard, TurboMind Book Summary by Miguel De La Fuente. Our passion is learning. And sharing. You can visit Brendom here: get his books here: High Performance Institute: This is the TURBOMIND BOOOK CLUB, and this week, we have the 10-Things I learnt from “HIGH PERFORMANCE HABITS, […]

The Best books on Coaching, turbomind’s Book Club

  Are you a coach, or want to be one? do you want to become more successful in your life, more productive ad happier?  Of curse we all do….   These are the 7 books every coach should read… Books every coach Must read, Hi, these are the very best books I have read on […]

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