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turbomind total success magazine

Hi friends,

I am excited, i am going to be starting very son the “Turbomind Total Success” magazine.

This magazine will be available both in the iOS (iphone and ipad) as wel as the android plataform, we have it almost ready, most likely by september 20th will be online.

This magazine will be about personal excellence, self development, personal creativity, goal setting and personal achievement.

Also, We will have a “Turbomind book of the month review” as well as many different interesting topics as coaching, business coaching, inspiration, motivation.

Additionally, i will be interviewing world class performers from all walks of life, including business, psycology, science, disrupting companie and technology, for the segment “Turbomind World Class Achievers” series
I will be perforrming this interviews, probably via skype, or/and podcast. Or maybe even both.

Please contact me for any suggestions, as well, as if you have interesting stories we can share with our audience, it woould be great.
I am probably goig to be writting every day and sharing with you upplifting, insoiring and ttransformational stories.

This is an exciting time!!

Take care
Miguel de la fuente at by@)

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