Make a decision to become UNSTOPPABLE

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Make a decision to become UNSTOPPABLE

The first step, or secret in becoming an unstopppable person is for you to Make  a decisión, and to
follow it with a true commitment. Nothing really changes until you make a true commitment.

Decision comes from latin “decisio” which means cutting off. So, cut off any other possibilities.
Make up your mind on what is truly important in your life.

This might sound easy, but in the day to day, with so many distractions, its easy to
make a decisión and next day change that decisión for another one. And so on.

A true decisión means you will follow up on that decisión. It means there is a
commmitmet behind it to back it up. It means that you will do  it regardless of conditions,
situations, outside enviroment, challenges, and any other factor which difficults the
realization of that commitment.

A true commitment separates the weak from the strong. Separates the dreamers from
the doers and the top achievers from the rest. You can be flexible in your  aproach but
firm in your commitment.

One of the first decisións you can make is for you to  become unstoppable. Decide
right now that nothing will stop you from your highest dreams and desires. Nothing
will stop you from serving humanity to the highest level. No mattter what comes to  you, no matter what life throws at you, you will be unstoppable.

Suggestions; print this next image. Write 10 thing you are absolutely commmittted to achieve,
be or experience.

Then read this commitment every single day of your life. Ideally two times, one in the morning
and one at night. It´s unlikelyy you will chieve your biggest dreams without a true commitment to achieve them.

by Miguel De La Fuente.

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Make a decision to become UNSTOPPABLE
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