I tried everything and I didn’t achieved my dream, what do I do?

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I tried everything and I didn’t achieved my dream, what do I do?

Have you ever caught yourself saying something like “I tried everything and it didn’t work”?

Sometimes we have tried something so hard and for so long that we have lost faith in achieving that particular goal or dream.

In this process of losing faith and getting tired we have come up with the idea that there is simply no way to achieve what we want. Have this ever happened to you?

Let’s say that one of your goals/dreams was to become a millionaire. And let’s say you tried several businesses, you put in a lot of effort, you developed the business and you just didn´t come ahead.

Well, actually, this is very common. Almost 95% of the businesses close or go bankrupt in the first 10 years. The chances for you to have a successful business that keeps growing every year are small. That´s the reality.

Now, what do you mean when you say you tried everything? You tried thousands of businesses? You would need three lifetimes to try all businesses possible.

Maybe you tried everything within your business? Let’s say you have a real estate brokerage that is not doing so well. You tried everything in that business? You know how many options or alternatives there are for a real estate brokerage to work?

Let’s take the real estate brokerage. You can have a small company, you can create a big company, and you can specialize in real estate auctions, or bank foreclosure, commercial property ….the list in virtually unlimited.

So you tried everything? Maybe you tried thousands of things? What about a dozen of different things? Most likely you tried only a couple of things and you got tired, exhausted and discourage…..

There are so many options, so many possibilities in this fast changing world, which now, more than ever is possible to achieve your wildest dreams.

I don´t say it might be easy. I say it´s more possible now than in any other time in human history to achieve your dreams. Yes there is a lot of competition in any field.

Your biggest competitor, your biggest challenge and limitation are your limiting believes and negative thoughts. These are the walls you have to tear down.

I believe your limiting believes are the ones responsible, more than any other factor, for your mediocre results. Everything in our lives starts with our thinking. We live inside out.


Here are some powerful believes you can incorporate;

1.  There is always a way when you are truly committed.
2. Anything and everything can be improved. Any situation can be improved

  1. There is always a solution to any problem or challenge.
    4. You only compete against your very best. His is your only truly competitor.
    5. You were born to do something extraordinary. You were born a genius.
    6. There are o failures only results and outcomes, change your actions and strategy, and you will change your results. As long as your learn something you cannot fail.
  2. Your biggest challenges are also your biggest opportunities.


Remember, there is always a way when you are truly committed. Read the biographies of great man and you will see a very clear pattern; they overcame all types of obstacles, problems and challenges. They had an unbreakable  will power bigger than any obstacle.

On the way to your greatest and wildest dreams you will have to develop this type of creative tenacity, like a pit-bull that bites and doesn´t let go.

There is away for you to achieve your greatest dreams. There is away for you to manifest your highest being, and there is a way for you to do these things, while adding massive value to your community.

One small piece of advice and this advice goes to me too; focus less on Money and more on service. Focus more on adding value, improving conditions, and making people´s lives easier. Focus more on improving every single day.

At the end, there is no way you cannot prosper when you are proving an excellent service or product in an excellent fashion.
By Miguel De La Fuente, Turbomind Total Success Coach, “Creating Legendary Lives”. Have a “Make it Bigintroductory 30-minute one-on-one coaching session for only $19, with TURBOMIND´s founder and creator. (Limited to 7 per month).



I tried everything and I didn’t achieved my dream, what do I do?
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