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Tylor Jones, Master Coach at turbomind.com.
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It`s 12.20 pm on September 8.

I am eating at my favorite vegetarian restaurant in the heart of Panama´s City (Central America) banking district, called “Jardin Vegetariano” (vegetarian garden). Yes, I am happily vegetarian. I feel great.

The restaurant is full of people. The food is great, cheap and convenient. It´s close to where I live, only a couple of blocks or “cuadras” away.  Since I barely cook, this is almost like having my private chef.

As I enter the small vegetarian restaurant, I see it´s is almost full. This is the peak hour for lunch.

On one corner of the restaurant there is a small TV hanging from the ceiling. It´s kind of a 1980´s TV set, square, like a box and heavy, kind of ugly.

As I am looking for an empty table I see most of the persons who are eating there watching, (as in a hypnotic trend) the small TV on the corner, full blast.

Why everyone is watching this little box? Ohh, It´s news time, “Las Noticias”. At exactly 12 pm every day
starts the daily news on TVN TV station, one of the few local TV stations in Panamá.

And what are they watching so perplexed? Simple, The latest summary of the daily news. And what would this be?
Well, as you probably guessed it; homicides, robberies, kidnapping, corruption, accidents of all types, and any other negative
news that they can find. Believe me, they dig hard to find them. It’s like an endless repertoire of calamities and drama.

100% negative. 110% toxic. 120% addicted. 130% mediocre.

But wait a minute, Shouldn´t we need be informed every day, (as my friend´s aunt says),  of all the news happening in the country and the world?
Great question. And it´s a question that opens up a very interesting debate.

We must be informed of the news right? Well, that depends on your personal choice. But shouldn´t we be informed
of all the calamities?

Not in my case. See, there are a lot of things happening in a city or community every day, 1000´s of interesting
things happening every day. Why do news, only and mostly cover tragedies? Yes, it sells, no argument about that.

But aren´t there also extraordinary things happening every day that you would love to know about which don´t tell
us in the daily news? Of course there are.

Like people making a difference, new advancements, revolutionary products that create breakthroughs for humanity?

Whatever you search you will find. If you search for tragedy, that´s what you will find. You search for incredible things
and extraordinary events, and that you also will find.

Yes, we probably want to be informed, but we don’t want to be hypnotized with negativity.

I am subscribing to a very interesting newsletter. It´s Peter Diamandis   (http://www.diamandis.com/ ) He is the author
of “Abundance”, The Future is better than you think. I highly recommend this newsletter.

As Peter says, “I call CNN the Crisis News Network (or the Calamity News Network), delivering all crises, all the time…”

This is an extract from a blog post he sent to his newsletter subscribers, “

“Today’s news media is a drug pusher, and negative news is their drug.
It might interest you to know that violence around the world has actually been going down, and has been for some time.
Your chances of dying a violent death are 1/500th of what they used to be during medieval times.
We’re blind to this fact, because our brains pay 10 times more attention to negative news than positive news. I wrote about
these cognitive biases in Abundance.”

See, negative news feed on the brain survival mechanism. Since your brain first priority is survival, it´s very sensible to news related to it.
Therefore, negative news are always to paid attention to in case we need to react.

This survival mechanism resides in the oldest part of our brain, the amygdale area. It’s deep rooted into out ancestral DNA.

So, going back to my lunch….…
I tell Julio, the 45-year old Taiwanese owner of the small vegetarian place; “you are giving great, healthy, nutritious food,
why are you giving crap for the mind? Aren´t you supposed to feed your body and mind both equally healthy?”

He tells me: “Miguel, since I placed this 1980´s TV set, and i put on the news, I just sell more food”.

I tell him, “No way Julio! No way. Whatever entertainment you offer, that is attractive and interesting, you will sell more food.
You don´t have to place 30 minutes of toxic, drama driven news. This is a very important time to relax and enjoy your
wonderful food
. Not a time to fill yourself with negativity and stress. There is already too much stress in your daily life.

What happened to the nice relaxing music you used to play over and over the whole day?”

He tells me, “it was great but the CD got scratched from so many playing”

Ok, people love entertainment, and if you change the channel to the discovery channel I am sure they also would be hypnotized
by their interesting programs.

Facts about the mind

  1. Your mind is like a sponge, whatever you put in it tends to absorb. Put in oil and it will get sticky. Place wonderful stories
    of inspiration, and it becomes a powerful force for change, transformation and achievement and love. Watch what the best in
    any field do, and you can learn to become like those. Mohamed Ali used to watch hundreds of hours of videos with the best fighters.
  2. Whatever you put in your mind, you will take out, like a drive through in Mc Donald’s.
  3. Your mind tends to behave in accordance with your environment, this includes what you read, see, watch, talk about, and
    surround yourself with. Your brain has what it’s called “Mirror neurons”. Your subconscious tends to behave in accordance
    to your environment even if you are not consciously aware of it. It’s mostly a subconscious and survival instinct.
  4. What you watch, see, and read tends to affect your health and well being. This experiment has been performed multiple times
    having people watch atrocities movies, full of crimes, homicides and measuring their immune system.

Solution………the 21 day anti toxic-stress-drama diet plan

                      21 day toxic news diet plan;

This is a anti-toxic diet plan to eliminate unnecessary “toxic news fat”. You will feel lighter, better and emotionally stronger than ever. Your

cholesterol will come down also.

  1. For 21 days stay away from toxic, addicted news. Turn off that TV set. Instead watch something you can learn, and improve from,
    like the discovery channel, history channel or simply a great book as “Abundance” by Peter.
  2. For 21 days stay away from really sad, melodramatic music, the one you just listen to and almost start crying, remembering
    how sad the world is.
  3. For 21 days, invert your attention; instead of the negative news, choose a great book to read and learn.
  4. For 21 days refuse to have or participate in a negative and dream destructive conversations. Reframe your comments into ones
    with a positive perspective. Instead of talking bad about people, just give them an alternative evaluation, saying “he is improving …he
    has this great quality…”
  5. Listen to interesting, educational CDs. It can be in whatever area you like and want to excel in, as in sales, motivation, inspiration,
    business, languages, etc.
  6. Before going to bed listen at least 30 minutes to these CDs or pre-recorded programs
  7. Change your face from Grim into a smile. There is nothing healthier for your body and spirit as having as smile.
  8. Turboaffirmations; Repeat, using all your body 20 affirmations in the morning, afternoon and night. 20 “turboaffirmtions”.
    It´s not the typical affirmation “I feel great”. In this version you use all of your body with emotion and intensity to really change and
    improve how you feel at this very moment.
  9. Before going to bed and after waking up read your blessings, or say aloud 20 things you are grateful for.
  10. Do something for someone, even something small like opening a door, or sending good vibes to someone on the street that you don’t know.

I give you a personal guarantee and its this one;

When you eliminate some, or most of the negative toxic news and influences on your daily life, you will not believe how good you will feel.

You will feel as if you took out some heavy bags from your back and now you walk freely. . .

Drama, negativity has a heavy and tiring toll on your body and soul. Try this diet for 21 days and tell me the difference.

And if 21 days it´s too much for you to handle, start with one full day, but start with something.  Make a conscious choice t olive your
life to your highest standards. The world wants to  see the best of you.

Tylor Jones, Master Coach at turbomind.com.
Contact me Through WhatsApp or Telegram for a 45-Minute Free Coaching Session. I love helping people and Businesses become Exceptional. +507-6426-9450. keep updating this list regularly….


Are you addicted to negative news? The 21-Day Anti-Toxic News Diet Plan
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