New Year Resolutions, do they really work?

HI, this is Miguel de la Fuente, AND REMEMBER, YOU ARE AWESOME, TELL YOURSELF, I am awesome, Your own praising is the single most important praising you can receive…. I am the founder of turbomind.com, totalsuccess daily as well as “Mejor Cada Dia”, and today in the 10-minute power capsule” I take a look at […]

Welcome to “Keeping D Dream Alive” with Miguel de La Fuente

Hi and welcome to Keeping D Dream Alive show. I congratulate you for being here today. You are awesome. Tell yourself that constantly, I AM AWESOME…..the most important praising you can receive is your own praising…… My name is Miguel de la Fuente, I am the founder of turbomind.com as well as TotalSuccess Daily App […]

Make a decision to become UNSTOPPABLE

The first step, or secret in becoming an unstopppable person is for you to Make  a decisión, and to follow it with a true commitment. Nothing really changes until you make a true commitment. Decision comes from latin “decisio” which means cutting off. So, cut off any other possibilities. Make up your mind on what […]

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