New Year Resolutions, do they really work?

HI, this is Miguel de la Fuente, AND REMEMBER, YOU ARE AWESOME, TELL YOURSELF, I am awesome, Your own praising is the single most important praising you can receive…. I am the founder of turbomind.com, totalsuccess daily as well as “Mejor Cada Dia”, and today in the 10-minute power capsule” I take a look at […]

Welcome to “Keeping D Dream Alive” with Miguel de La Fuente

Hi and welcome to Keeping D Dream Alive show. I congratulate you for being here today. You are awesome. Tell yourself that constantly, I AM AWESOME…..the most important praising you can receive is your own praising…… My name is Miguel de la Fuente, I am the founder of turbomind.com as well as TotalSuccess Daily App […]

Book Summary, “The Power Of Relentless”, Wayne Allyn Root.

This is another of my favorite books to read over and over. This type of book you want to have it nearby, as inspiration, motivation and to remind yourself that with boldness, determination, commitment, and relentless almost anything is possible. Your results depend on you, your actions and your relentless level. I don’t care what […]

Make a decision to become UNSTOPPABLE

The first step, or secret in becoming an unstopppable person is for you to Make  a decisión, and to follow it with a true commitment. Nothing really changes until you make a true commitment. Decision comes from latin “decisio” which means cutting off. So, cut off any other possibilities. Make up your mind on what […]

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