A determinant Factor, Turbomind Poweridea #43
This is a continuation of the TurboMind Poweridea number 42….

You will earn about the average of your 5 closest friends, usually the people you spend more time with.

This is a determinant factor in your business, financial wellbeing and over success in your life.

This doesn’t mean you cannot have friends who are not successful.

This means that your inner circle, your power circle, and the people you spend most time with, make a huge difference in your life.

The goal is to choose people that help you, and inspire you to be more, to be better, to improve yourself. And this has to be mutual for both of you.

By Miguel De La Fuente, founder of Turbomind, and Turbomind Coaching Academy. www.turbomind.com. Contact him at 507-62463797 or Skype ; Turbomind1, for an Transformational introductory coaching session.

A determinant Factor, Turbomind Poweridea #43
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