Are you full of conclusions? TotalSuccess-Daily #37

Are you full of conclusions? TotalSuccess-Daily #37



by Miguel de la fuente
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we tend to be  full of conclusions.

Are you so full of conclusions that you don’t leave space for new ideas, evaluations or different options and points of view?

When we arrive at conclusions, specially the strong ones we tend to eliminate all other options.

It great to arrive at conclusions, but don’t let them stop you from learning and improving on those conclusions.



Try to look at a situation from different angles and points of view. Try to see all the possibilities. Put yourself into other peoples shoes, like an attorney or prosecutor would do.

An open mind is a great tool for a great life, one with many different experiences. An open mind helps you relate better to people and adapt better to change and different situations, specially the hard ones.

To be open for miracles you want to open your mind to all possibilities, specially the beautiful ones.


Today’s question for you is,

What conclusion or belief about something could you re evauate in order to improve perception?



Any Dream, goal or desire you want to Achieve?

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Are you full of conclusions? TotalSuccess-Daily #37
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