Creating the result you want

Creating the result you want

Have you been with a goal for a long, long time that you just can´t find a way to materialized, and make it happen?
Probably yes. I am sure I have.

For example, let’s say you want to become financially independent, financially free, right.
Now, you try about every business model possible, and maybe you have improved, but not reach there yet. Or maybe, you just can´t even come close this result.

Well, here a couple of suggestions,

1. Evaluate your actual situation. Be sincere, as honest as possibly. In order to change something, first we have to understand our present situation.

2. Ask yourself what did i learn so far?
If you have learned something, you have not wasted efforts. As long as you are learning you are progressing. As long you are progressing, you are on the right track. See, you might go slowly but as long as you continue to pursue the goal or dream, make necessary adjustments and continue, you are winning.
3. Get clear on this question:

What exactly do you want? This is not a “more or less” question. This is a precise question that requires precise answers.
It’s not enough to say I want to be rich. Or I want to be wealthy. What exactly does wealth mean to you?
1 million a year
10 million net worth?
How much does financial freedom mean?
Write down this answer
1. I want to earn______per year starting this year
2. I want a net worth of_________
See most of the challenges come from not knowing what you really want, or by changing the figure constantly.

4. Write down all the answer on why you are absolutely committed to achieve this goal. The more reasons the better.

It´s not so much about ability, it´s more about committement, determination, discipline, and relentless focus on what you truly want.
You can download the Turbomind-Total Success app and answer all those questions.

Miguel De La fuente. All rights reserved. 2014

Creating the result you want
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