Yes we can yes you can

I was reading a new book about internet success. The name of the book is called “click millionaires” you can checl it out in Its an outsanding book with a lof of information about the internet and how to create a successfull business online.

The author, Scott Fox evaluates all types of online businesses and one of his favorites, which happen to be mine too, are online communities in which users group together around a specific topic. His site is an example of what he is talking about, he has an online click millionaire community.

Well that exactly what i am going to star, an online Turbomind community for positive, vibrant people who want to overcome all obstacles and achieve extraordinary things in their lives.

This will be a community as a forum presentation and we will build an app just for this purpose so its easier for people to navigate.
It will be hosted at
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Yes we can yes you can
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