Embrace being “uncomfortable”as a way to feel comfortable, TotalSUCCESS IDEA #30

Embrace being “uncomfortable”as a way to feel comfortable, TotalSUCCESS IDEA #30

by Miguel de la fuente
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Let me ask you a question, Do you want to live a safe, comfortable average life, or would you prefer a risky, uncomfortable life with extraordinary achievements and the risk of losing?

Can you live a conformable and safe life and at the same time achieve extraordinary levels of success?

Highly unlikely. Possible but unlikely. Why?

Because In order to grow you got to keep pushing the envelope, taking bigger risks and experiment with new things.

Growth, achievement and risk go hand in hand. In order to achieve “impossible” things you got to go over what’s possible now into unknown territory, kind of like going to mars. We don’t know what’s there or how to make it viable yet.

As Picasso said, “I am always doing the things I can’t in order to reinvent myself”.

Take risks. Be bold, relentless, unstoppable, Embrace being uncomfortable. Embrace growth. Push the envelope. Take intelligent risks. Go for the gold. This is the only way to grow into the person you want to become.


Today’s question for you is,

How can you embrace being uncomfortable?
and what areas do you need to be more uncomfortable in



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Embrace being “uncomfortable”as a way to feel comfortable, TotalSUCCESS IDEA #30
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