EXPECT TO WIN. Turbomind Poweridea #97

How are you going to win if you expect to lose? How are you going to get your soulmate when you expect that it will not happen?

Your expectation helps manifest whatever you are expecting, either positive or negative, either constructively or destructively.

The law of expectation is neutral. It doesn’t make difference what you expect, it will tend to happen.

And by expectation I mean true expectation.

Whatever you expect with confidence becomes your own self fulfilling prophecy

You expect to make the sale, or get marry, most likely is that will happen.

You are continually creating your own fortune or misfortune by continually telling yourself and other what you expect. This is a powerful truth.

Be careful with what you expect.

How could you increase your beneficial expectation?


How could you develop a deep sense of expecting extraordinary things to come to your life?

Tylor Jones, Master Coach at turbomind.com.
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EXPECT TO WIN. Turbomind Poweridea #97
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