Pigheaded Discipline. Turbomind Poweridea #98

You want to know the secret, or probably one of the true few real secrets of  achieving extraordinary things?


This term is from the book, “The Ultimate Sales Machine” by Chet Holmes. What an awesome book to read and one of the all time TurboMind best.

Pigheaded discipline and determination. What does this really mean?

It means a continuous effort until you achieve or create what you want.

It means you don’t stop until you get that appointment.

It means you don’t stop until you manifest your soulmate.

It means you don’t stop until you master something, regardless how much time it takes to do so.

It means you have a total and absolute commitment to achieve what you want, and you will not stop in the process. You will see it through.

This is a different mindset from the new age thinking. This is the TurboMind thinking. We simply do not stop.

We finish what we start.

In what area in your life would you benefit immensely having this type of mindset?

What are you absolutely committed to achieve in your life and you will not stop until you see it through?

Tylor Jones, Master Coach at turbomind.com.
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The MOST Important Factor for Extraordinary Results
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