Focus on Improving ONE area.Turbomind Poweridea #99

Focus on improving one area at a time. Dedicate your energy and time on improving. This is one of the most important concepts and action steps you can do to  revolutionize your life.

Get a notebook, and for one hour per week, at least, dedicate to write everything in order to improve one area of your life, whatever it is.

Try to make a schedule so this 1-hour is the same every single week.

One hour a week for improving. Once you have dedicated this hour of improving, decide on action steps you will take to make this improvement.

How could you easily and dramatically improve this area?

What small action steps could you take now to improve this area?

The best way to predict the future is to create it…

And you create your future by your thinking and

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Focus on Improving ONE area.Turbomind Poweridea #99
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